Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mom's Society Chip Pickles

This tattered and yellowed old recipe was in amongst 
my mom's recipes.
She called these Society Chip Pickles.
I believe she got this recipe from my sister Evelyn many years ago!

Mom's handwriting

I well remember these neon green, super sweet pickles and was
inspired to try them after seeing some at a recent bbq.
In fact, we were invited to dinner where this very jar of "9 day" pickles had
originated from and a new batch was in process there.

So, off to the market I went ... I just had to do it!
I purchased a heaping 6 qt. basket of medium sized pickles,
prepared the spices and was off to the races.

Today was the final day - day 9 and as I type this post, 
the jar lids are popping ...

4 days of boiling water soaks and
then sliced on the 5th day.

a few drops of green food colouring added on day 6, 7, and 8

Canning day #9.

They taste super sweet/sour and very crunchy. Success I hope!

I washed and trimmed the stem ends off each cucumber
I made a batch and one half of the vinegar/sugar juice (enough to cover the sliced pickles).
   (i.e. 12 Cups sugar - divided, 3 Tbsp. pickling salt, 6 Cups vinegar, 2 1/2 Tbsp. pickling spice)
Next time I would add a bit more food colouring to achieve that neon green look or leave it out all together. The colouring is totally optional.
This made 10 pints plus a quart of pickles (I had to run for a few more jars).
Each day during the boiling water baths I scimmed off any foam that floated to the top during the night and rinsed the cucumbers before pouring the fresh boiling hot water on.

Till next time ...... have you been inspired to do some canning this summer? 


  1. first off, i simply LOVE your header pretty.
    and, my, you are a very industrious lady to be spending all that time making they are soooo delicious.
    Thanks for attending the duel between Mizz Vee and my silly self. I so love ANYthing that brings a smile to Vee's face.....

  2. Wow! That's intense. Nine days intense! I bet they taste fantastic...

  3. Good for you on your diligence to get this project completed. The jars look fabulous!

  4. This is a BIG project Rosella!!! It sounds amazingly good with the sweet crunchiness. I have been cannot get too but nothing going this labour intensive! Well done and yum yum!

    1. Actually not labour intensive really - just had to boil water or syrup each day - 15 minutes tops/day! Just have to be around for 9 days straight to baby sit them - smile.

  5. Pass the pickles, please! They look fantastic. Good job.

  6. Yes... pass the pickles! I have not done any canning this year ... only jams and freezing fruit for baking.
    I think I'm getting a bit lazy. =)

  7. Wow, this is a lot of work, but I bet they taste amazing!