Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Noa's Smash Cake

It made quite a mess in the kitchen but it was so much fun
creating a "smash cake" for Noa's party.

I used the Vanilla Sponge Cake recipe from this link:

We wanted a smallish cake to "smash" so I cut two smaller circles from the baked layer cakes.

The remaining cake was cut into chunks, frozen,   and will be perfect for my next Trifle!

Okay, now came the icing - oh my.
Here is where my inexperience comes in ......

I totally had the kitchen upside down as I mixed not one but two batches of
butter cream icing - colouring the icing in three stages
to create an ombre look to the cake.

Do you make a mess when mixing up icing or cake for that matter?

This picture does not do justice to the mess!

It wasn't perfect but I hope Noa likes it.

We'll find out tomorrow at her beach party.

Well, tomorrow happened and we had a lovely party.
Our darling Noa had quite an exciting day and the birthday cake was far too sweet for her taste.
Much credit to her mommy who has kept sugar out of her diet.
It was so funny to see the look on her face and the shutter and cough after a wee taste.
She is sweet enough without all that sugar - that's for sure.

"No cake or baby were harmed in this experiment"

Sometimes we can hardly believe the love that we feel for this little person!!

A gal and her best friend ... on her first birthday.

Till next time ......... welcoming August 2016 - how the time is flying by!!!!


  1. We can certainly see how the year has flown when we look at that one year old! It just seems like yesterday that your girl and mine were brides, and here we are with these beautiful granddaughters. Our youngest will be one in September.
    The cake is beautiful, Rosella. That was quite something for a smash cake!

  2. Okay, I always say that a year flies. It has never been more apparent as in this milestone with Noa. I think the cake is beautiful! You did a splendid job.

  3. Wow! One year already. I love the cake and how cute that sweet isn't in her taste bud experience. I love how you frosted the cake with the gentle layers of colors. Beautiful. A very happy milestone to little Noa!

  4. It's hard to believe your sweet granddaughter is already one!!! Love that photo of Noa with her cake--it is a beauty!!!

  5. Oh, your darling girl is so cute! I love the colors and rosettes on the cake!

  6. Noa is so precious! The cake came out beautiful, Rosella, and I love the picture of the dog looking at Noa. I just caught up on your previous posts and pinned the raspberry custard pie, and the sour cream coffee cake, both of which sound delicious!

  7. Such a sweet baby girl!! And the cake was beautiful even if it was on the sweet side :) Our first didn't have a taste of sugar until he was around 2. Our 5th didn't fare so well - older brothers loved to give her "just a taste" and she loved to get it! The standards go down with each child ;)

  8. Well the cake certainly looks perfect to me!! And your sweet already? It looks like a most special 1st bday celebration.


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