Friday, January 6, 2017

West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls

West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls.
Something I've been wanting to try for some time.

I first read about these yummy looking rolls on an interesting
Suzanne is a homesteader deep in the rural West Virginia countryside,
milking her own cows, raising goats, horses, etc.,
and of course free ranging chickens!
I so enjoy reading about her farm activities and am always
impressed with her daily farm photos and her delicious recipes.

The first batch I made just didn't quite turn out like they should.
I rolled them incorrectly and let them rise a bit too long, thus causing
large gaps and bubbles in the dough.

I know what she means by practicing to perfect these rolls.
I love that she puts chopped pepperoni, some cheese, and garlic right into the dough
as well as for a filling!
I'm sure that I will be making these again and again.

They taste delicious dipped into pizza sauce.

Christmas 2016 has come and gone - it was wonderful!
The jig saw puzzle has been completed,
most of the decorations have been tucked away,
and lovely memories were made.

Flashback to 1957 when these pictures were taken of my family (siblings)

There was a Christmas Tree behind my tall brother!
Check out the bold oil cloth flooring and fern wall paper - Cool!

I was 5 (almost 6) years old and am third youngest (wearing plaid jumper)
My sister Marilyn and I were holding our baby sister Evelyn!
The china cabinet now lives in my dining room.

I am so thankful for my brothers and sisters.
We have a very large family and many, many wonderful nieces and nephews
who now too are busy raising their beautiful families. 

Another birthday has come and gone - not sure what I think of this one - eek!
The best part was that my daughter and granddaughter took the time to
treat me to breakfast at the "famous" local Anna Mae's Restaurant!

Grammie turns 65!!!

My dear farmer drove a distance during a horrid snow storm the next day
to fetch my gift - a set of golf clubs!
I guess there is hope that at 65 years young, I might take up this
sport of leisure? Time will tell.

Right now we are under a beautiful blanket of white stuff again 
with temperatures to set your teeth a chattering.

It is ever so pretty and especially when we spotted our Amish
neighbours heading to the skating pond with the horses and sleigh.

Snapped this with my iPhone through the windshield - lucky snap!

Oh, how I long for Spring - and maybe even some golfing!

In the meantime, I'll fire up the sauna and count the days till
we head south for some vitamin "sea"!

Till next time ...... Happy New Year to all! May 2017 be extra wonderful and blessed!


  1. What a beautiful family! You're all so cute! Love looking around your childhood living room, too. You must be counting the days before you fly off like the proverbial snowbird. Will you be taking golf lessons?

    1. Wait a minute! How did I miss that adorable photo of you and your grandgirlie? You are sure giving your age a good name because you look fabulous!

    2. Sorry Vee - I added the picture later in the day! Becky took the picture and had put it on Facebook that afternoon. Could I be smiling any more than that - ugh!!! I am not fond of pictures of myself.

  2. Love the old black and whites. So cute in your plaid jumper! Oh my...that sauna sounds real good right now. Enjoy and keep looking forward to that golfing weather!

  3. So did you turn 65. As cute as a button and looks like lots of spark left. Fun digging into old photos....
    I may have to do a series of vintage photos for my 65th...oh no. JUdy leads the way first.

  4. Happy, happy Birthday, Rosella! You surprised me about turning 65! How blessed you are and you look great
    on that picture! Wishing you continues health and desires of your heart.
    I have to check out those pepperoni rolls. They look good.

  5. The snow is gorgeous, but I'm ready for spring, too. My family would love these pepperoni rolls---perfect for football watching! Belated birthday wishes to you!!! xoxo

  6. Great post Rosella!
    I'm going to make those pepperoni rolls, look simple enough!

  7. If only you could zap me a few of those pepperoni rolls right now! Happy belated birthday, Rosella! Love the old photos of you and your siblings. Golf season will be here before you know it!


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