Thursday, May 11, 2017

Face Time

I don't have much of a "beauty" regime but thought
I'd share a few of my favourite things ...
I need all the help I can get at this age 😎

For many years (starting in my late teens) I used a wonderful
facial cleanser from a company called Allouette.
The product had aloe vera in it and I loved it.
However, over time (quite a long time and into my 30s) I developed
an allergy to aloe vera.
My eye lids would swell up and get chaffed and it took a while to 
realize that the aloe vera was the problem.
To this day I need to be careful not to buy certain products and shampoos
that contain aloe.

After experimenting with some expensive hypoallergenic skin care
products I discovered this locally made skin care line
and have been loving it ever since.
It's made with totally natural ingredients and can be purchased retail,
not through a consultant at a home party!

Also comes in small travel size containers - bonus!

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to any sort of regime (especially at bedtime),
but I use these products almost every day.

My make-up is bare minimum and hasn't changed much since high school - eek!

I rarely ever (probably no more than 5 times in my life) use overall base make up,
but I do like to give my eyes and cheeks a little help!

Marcelle eye shadow quad, Covergirl eye enhancers, Loreal mascara,
and Loreal felt tip liquid eye liner are my go to.

For the cheeks - a quick dab of Marcelle Cream Blush does the trick.

My lips need some help too and for that I make my own lip balm.
I posted about it here.

When I want to be a little "fancier" I like to use a dab or two
of lipstick as well.

This process takes me literally only about 3-5 minutes a day!

That's about it for this old gal.

Some time I should bite the bullet and have a make-up consultation at a 
beauty shop and see if I could change my old habits for some new ideas?
Perhaps they've developed an "airbrush look" technique by now!

Have you ever had your make-up done professionally and how did you like it?

My next "beauty" hurtle will be to make a decision about my hair.
To Dye or Not To Dye - That is the Question??

Till next time..... trying to keep it real.


  1. You are lovely! I had a similar reaction to argon oil products.

  2. Your products are doing the trick! I have a friend who works at a high end dept store and she signs me up for free makeovers! Somehow, it's never the same when I do it at home!!! But it's fun to look fancy schmancy for the day!

  3. I'm impressed with anyone who can do what you do in 3-5 minutes. Once in a while I'll put on eyeshadow and mascara and lipstick. And as soon as I do I rub my eye and make a mess of it! ;)

  4. Rosella, don't change a thing! Your complexion is lovely which is why you can totally get away without using foundation or lots of "aids." I am lazy too about my bedtime routine, but I do not go out the back door without my makeup! ~shudder~

  5. Looks good to me, Rosella! I just wash my face, put on a little moisturizer and lip balm for "hanging out." But if I'm going somewhere, I put on mascara and lipstick, which I really need with my pale skin and blonde eyelashes. My skin is definitely losing its color, though, and I'm considering mixing a drop of liquid makeup into my moisturizer to "liven" it up a bit.

  6. Oh boy! We are too much in the same place, but it's good to know we are all getting older together.
    My make up does not take long either and I'm in a rut that was started long ago.

  7. I like the natural look too. I don't use a lot of make up either! You look beautiful!

  8. You look beautiful, Rosella! I am a make-up person, I confess! I have had my makeup done many times professionally, for big events, or, to try new looks. Try it! It's so much fun!


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