Monday, May 22, 2017

In the Bulb There Is a Flower ...

It was our privilege to attend our nation's capital tulip festival

A special tulip bulb was developed to help celebrate Canada's 150 Birthday.
We encountered this amazing engineered bulb in amongst so many of the tulip beds.

Can you see the red Maple Leaf in the tulip? Amazing!

Painted tulip statues at Lansdowne Park

Canada Children's Tulip Garden - sponsored by Home Hardware. Delightful!

I was definitely in my happy place, tip toeing through these tulip beds!

Tulip time spent with good friends. 

We even found a tulip quilt - love it!

One of my favourite hymns by Natalie Sleeth
just seemed so fitting for this post!

1. In the bulb there is a flower,
in the seed, an apple tree,
in cocoons, a hidden promise:
butterflies will soon be free!
In the cold and snow of winter
there's a spring that waits to be,
unrevealed until its season,
something God alone can see.

2. There's a song in every silence,
seeking word and melody;
there's a dawn in every darkness,
bringing hope to you and me.
From the past will come the future;
what it holds, a mystery,
unrevealed until its season,
something God alone can see.

3. In our end is our beginning,
in our time, infinity;
in our doubt there is believing,
in our life, eternity,
in our death, a resurrection,
at the last, a victory,
unrevealed until its season,
something God alone can see.

Meanwhile back at the homestead - my favourite tulip of all!

Till next time ... it was worth the 6 hour drive to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!!!


  1. Ahh, your favorite tulip is growing so fast. So sweet! Beautiful post, beautiful hymn, Rosella. Glad you could enjoy the beautiful festival with good friends.

  2. Stunning photos (the final shot of that little cutie is the show stopper!) and a reminder for us to revisit Ottawa's Tulip Festival - maybe next year!

  3. Rosella, that tulip is amazing! The maple leaf can be so clearly seen. So glad that I have seen what it is supposed to look like when fully open. Right now, mine are still pretty tightly budded. Tiptoeing through 🌷 🌷🌷 had to have been a blast. (Course your little tulip back at home is the very best of all. 🌷)

  4. Delightful!! Tulips are my favorite, and you certainly saw many beautiful tulips of all kinds at the celebration!

    I have never heard that hymn. Wonderful lyrics! Thank you for sharing that. I'm on my way to see if I can find it on youtube . . .

    1. P.S. Oh, your favorite tulip . . . so dear!!

    2. Cheryl - here is a link to the song:

  5. Hi Rosella! The photos of the tulips drew me in. LOL! Love the photos! I put a few of mine on display in my blog. Love them! I'm new to blogging, so I've been searching for others who have similar interests to mine. I'll keep checking back, for sure! Hope you're having a lovely day!

  6. Wow, what gorgeous tulips! They're one of my favorite flowers. And the hymn is just lovely--wise words!
    P.S. I have to agree about your favorite tulip. She's a doll.

  7. Beautiful tulips! It's a wonderful time of year.

  8. Love seeing tulips en masse! And my favorites this year are the 'maple leaf' tuilips! So perfect for our country's 150th celebrations. Your 'favorite flower' at home is very sweet!

  9. I love tulips - haven't had much luck planting them, as the deer always eat them. Enjoyed your spectacular display, especially the cutest, littlest one at the end!


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