Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Soggy May Days

In April I posted an "April Winter" post.
It seems that May has begun with a similar theme although
so far it's not snow.
It's just buckets of rain!!!!

Well, the good that has come of all this soggyness is that I hauled out my
sewing machine again and with determination, continued
working on that quilt!

I really had to keep my wits about me with this project!
It was a bit like a puzzle to put together once all the blocks were pieced.

As of an hour ago - IT IS PIECED and ASSEMBLED!!!!

So, I'm just a tiny bit thankful for these past few rainy days.
A chance to keep working on the quilt before I forgot how to read the complicated instructions.
I think I'm going to love it once it's bordered and quilted.

Till next time ........ longing for sunny skies and cleaning up all the loose threads.


  1. Wow! Way to go. It really looks great, Rosella. Hmm...soggy you say. I can relate to that. We had some sunny skies yesterday and they say this evening we might get some again.

  2. Your quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Such a work of art. We're expecting 3 more inches of rain! I'm ready for summer :)

  3. That is a stunning design! I can not imagine how it was accomplished. Glad that you used the rainy days to such advantage. Have another quilt at the ready? ☔️💦☔️💦☔️💦☔️

  4. That quilt is just beautiful! You make the best use of soggy days, for sure.

  5. I like how the colors go from light to dark. An homgrage style? =)

  6. Your quilt looks so pretty!

  7. Your quilt looks so pretty!


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