Thursday, June 22, 2017

At Last - Summer!

This week passed with some cooking, sewing and crafting
over here!

She helped me bake a "Hurry Up Cake" inspired by
and then we did the dishes ....

We did a bit of colouring ...
I love these days with her!

She is growing up so fast and is a great little
She calls me Nammie and I love it!

My sister and nieces came to make some
cement rhubarb leaves .... the mosquitos kept us working fast to get it done.
The rain today generously kept them cool and wet so the curing of the cement
should be perfect.

I'll try to get some reveal pictures in a few days after they have dried and cured.

Photo taken by niece Amy

A down pour this morning promped me to finish my second fibre art piece.
The garden weeding must wait till it dries up a bit.

My first class was in November of 2016 and last Saturday I took the class again
to make the "other" tree piece.

I find this so relaxing and really enjoy the finished results (even though it
certainly is not perfect). Can you tell that I love trees?

taught these classes.
Her work is truly amazing and she has done many commissioned pieces - one which is on display
at Conrad Grebel College in Waterloo where I used to work.
So privileged to have taken these courses under her direction.

I love summer and weeks like this first week of summer in 2017!

Till next time ...... let's make summer last!


  1. Yes, but our toes must point at each other to make our feet happy. 😉 She is so adorable; a wonderful helper, and the name she has selected for you is wonderful...a cross between Grammie and Nana...yup, perfect!

    Eager to see how the rhubarb leaves in cement come out...AND how you use them in your garden decor.

    Off to see the Judy recipe...

    1. Yes, I can tell that you like trees...your art is beautiful and all that texture make it very dimensional.

  2. Oh what fun with your little grandgirlie and I love that she calls you Nammy! Those cement leaves sound intriguing. I'll look forward to the reveal. Beautiful texture art! We are headed east to see our little Addy May. Don't you know we will hit the hottest temps they've had so far while we are there. OYE! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Your summer looks fun and interesting so far. I love your little helper pictures. She looks like a delightful companion. Your art projects are so different and creative-I've never seen that style, but I like it. Let's hope summer stays fun and relaxing.

  4. It's hard to believe your sweet little girl is that big!!! She's adorable! I bet she loves her Nammie :) Always something fun going on at your place. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Hi Rosella! What a cute granddaughter! It will be interesting to see what you do with the cement rhubarb leaves. Love the outdoor scene for your fibre art work. I have never heard of fibre art. Yesterday our visitors enjoyed the hurry up cake and it was delicious. Thanks again for the recipe! Judy from Alberta

  6. She is not that big! Oh my goodness what a darling baby girl... growing so fast.

    I like summertime at your house.

  7. You are so artistic! And I love the name Nammie! A combination of Nana and Grammie?
    I'm still Grammy to the oldest ones, livign overseas, but the oldest one here turned Grammy into Mimi and so the ones here call me that. You love watever they call you. I have one more to see what he will say. =)

  8. Perfect summer days making memories with your sweet little helper!


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