Monday, June 5, 2017

Family Picnic 2017

First Sunday in June is usually our Family Picnic time!

This is my side of the famjam and we are a very large group when 
everyone is together (upwards of 60 or so).
Our attendance this year was 37 - still a great turn out!

The old tent was up, the weather was holding and we were as ready as we could be
to welcome those who could come.

The theme was "let's celebrate Canada"
After all, this is Canada's 150th birthday year!!

The visiting went on during
the pot-luck picnic!
There was SO much good food and
of course, I didn't get pictures of the feast. There was pulled pork, pulled chicken, amazing salads, meat balls, croissant sandwiches, veggie trays, Kentucky Fried Chicken, baked beans and oh so much more ...
This bunch sure knows how to cook!

Sweet Kate was the youngest addition to the Gerber Family.
She's adorable!

Relaxing under the Apple Tree

Did I mention dessert? Oh my!!
There were butter tarts (of course), maple leaf cookies (of course),
brownies, watermelon, amazing pie, rhubarb dessert (recipe link below), and more!!!
Whew, we were filled to the brim.

Soon after dessert when the adults were FINALLY finished eating,
the farmer beckoned the children to a hayride.

All aboard!
And off they went - out the "bush lane" as we call it.

Noa came too and was greeted by some adoring cousins.

Sister with her daughter-in-law, looking at an old family picture album.

This is why we take pictures - so we can share and remember - right?

Nephew Matthew always entertains us - our very own "famjamboree".

Cousins doing some "catching up" and enjoying the little ones!

She loves bubbles.

Dads teasing!!!

An absolute joy to see my siblings, their children and their grandchildren
on this lovely sunshiny day on the farm.

The farmer and I want this old farm to be a welcoming place and are so very 
blessed to be able to share it with family and friends.

This rhubarb dessert recipe was posted a few years ago on this post:

Till next time ......... celebrate!


  1. Oh what a fantastic post . loved all the photos , looks like all had a great time . Our family pot luck BBQ will be in August here and looking forward to it . Nothing like good food, family and fun in the sun . Thanks for sharing have a good week !

  2. A fabulous gathering! Love all the Celebrate Canada decor from folks wearing red to the dessert...that's inspired! 🇨🇦 It is always good to keep the family bonded and you seem to know just how to do that. I would love a hayride down the bush lane...looks like such fun. Are the commemorative tulips still blooming? Mine are.

  3. Looks like everyone had SO much fun what with the wonderful weather, delicious food, family from far and wide and Canada's 150th. What a's about as perfect as it can get!

  4. What a delightful time of food and fun and family fellowship!! You are a creative group too! I am sure that your farm is a welcoming place.

  5. What a lovely gathering place you and the farmer have. Your family is fortunate to be able to gather at your lovely home. Love the decoration on that Rhubarb dessert! I'm hungry now for a real good farm potluck!!

  6. What a fun gathering!!! Such special memories were made. I need to go back and check out your rhubarb dessert---I bet it's amazing!!!

  7. WOW!It was beautiful to see altogether. I like to spend my time with all of our relatives. Sounds that you had a good fun time with all of your family members:)

  8. Love this post! And you have inspired me as I plan a few summer events around our country's big 150th celebration this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  9. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all - a time when memories are made! Happy Birthday, Canada!


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