Sunday, July 5, 2020

June 2020 Musings

June was full and ended with a July 1st "non-bang"
No fireworks but lots of fun and excitement.

We harvested the garlic scapes - way too many by the way!
Several batches of delicious Pesto were created ...

... and some yummy garlic scape and lemon butter!
It tastes so good on asparagus, broccoli, toasted bread and so much more.
It certainly is a good thing we are isolating!

Logs of tasty butter for the freezer

Almost weekly,
Sourdough was baked and shared

Tractor rides with Papa were had ...

THAT,  was awesome Papa!
The blooms on this old farm were at their finest in June.

Finally got some lupins to bloom along
the barn wall. I think the weeds were too competitive other years?
One good thing about Covid-19 is that we
stayed home and got quite a bit more work done around this old place.

The "moon flowers" aka Evening Primrose, exploded with their happy yellow
evening blooms.

This never get's old!

My absolute favourite, the peonies, filled
my garden and house with a beautiful scent.
I always think of the dear lady who lived
here before us and left them for 
us to enjoy!
Some of the pink ones were also from my dear mother-in-law, on the "home farm" that's just down the road!

An anniversary came and went with a trail bike ride and a
first time, in house, visit with our wee family since the world hit "pause"!
They brought dinner and everything felt almost normal again.
So thankful for having them back in our lives in person!
What a special anniversary gift!

Things got a bit silly just before they left! Covid Hair - don't care.

A few more quilting projects were completed and new ones started.
Is it just me or do other quilters start planning their next projects way before the one
they are working on is complete?  Yikes!
I will need a long Winter 2020 (bite your tongue) to actually see these projects through.

A seascape panel inspiration
The quilt below may take some time. A pattern is released each month
and includes several blocks that need to be embroidered.
I have not embroidered for decades and it's a whole new learning curve.
Once I got started it became sort of addictive - to hear the squeak
that the embroidery floss makes as it slides through the material
brought memories of home.
Am I going crazy???

Block of the Month Quilt pattern by Gail Pan Designs - "Wish You Well" 
I'm behind with the monthly blocks but just finished the embroidery for March.
It made me think back to what it has been like since March!!!
The whole theme "Wish You Well" could not be more appropriate.

This little lady finished her last days of Jr. Kindergarten,
at home of course!
She is pure delight.

And keeps her little brother entertained - most of the time.
What a privilege to see them become best buds during this time spent together!

There's a farmer's saying that the corn should be 
"knee high by the 1st of July".
This was on June 28th so I think we're good.
Today when I look out over the field, the rows have grown completely together.
Albeit, we are in desperate need of rain!

And here is the "non-bang" ending ...

Our faithful 17 year old dishwasher gave it up and flooded our
hardwood kitchen floor with a Niagara Falls of hot water!
Thankfully I was in the house at the time and had lots of absorbent towels at the ready.
I think the floor survived with just a few bumps here and there. Eek!

Well, that is a glimpse of June 2020.

So far, in the first week of July we have experienced hot, hot, weather AND HAIRCUTS!
What could be better?

Till next time ... Hoping your Canada Day and 4th of July celebrations were fun and safe!
                         Praying that things are looking up and that all will be well very soon.


  1. Glad you were there when your dishwasher flooded the floor! That is always one of my big fears. Our refrigerator gave up after 16 years and we had a a pool of water on the floor, but I was home and all was well. We spent a lot of time looking for a new fridge that would fit into the opening of our original one (16 years old). That was not easy...but we we squeezed one in! Our corn barely made the 'knee high' threshold this has been too cold and wet and the corn is not looking great. Loved seeing all your June goings on...the grands, the good eats, the projects. Oh, and the Covid hair...I like it!

  2. Oh good you were around for the dishwasher demise. We enjoyed our scape pesto this evening. Good thing we are staying home for sure. LOL! The lemon scape butter sounds good, too. Love seeing the grands enjoying each other and enjoying time at your place, too. That first COVID haircut is really appreciated. WE are so hoping for some better news soon. So thankful our Hope is in God.

  3. ­čśä Okay, I am biting my tongue, but I'll know just whom to blame.

    Oh those photos of the grands with you in person warmed my heart. How absolutely wonderful to hug them again. They are adorable. And you and Papa are looking pretty cute yourselves.


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