Monday, April 30, 2012

Persistence Pays Off

We tried to discourage it
That messy nest on the front porch again
We noticed signs of building
put some obstacles in her chosen spots

her persistence paid off
and today while we were away at work
she was busy 
and look what appeared!!!!
Right in the middle of the pansies
12 inches away from the front door!
A perfect, amazing nest.

I guess if I was a robin 
I would choose that spot as well
I don't have the heart to 
tear it down.

Till next time.........we'll be using the side door?


  1. My daughter had to take a nest down from her home entryway because the birds kept dive bombing her when she tried to get out her front door. That is one well constructed nest and it is in a nice neighborhood for sure LOL!

    1. Yes Ellen - I'm afraid of what might happen here as well. We'll have to do some research as to how long it takes to raise a Robin family to see if we can wait it out!

  2. Such a pretty home! I wonder if she just liked the colors surrounding her nest?

  3. You'll have to keep us posted to the goings on in that little nest.

  4. Oh so precious. I love robins eggs and you can get some good shots of them while she is out. She does have to eat too.

  5. Aw, so perfect. I'm looking forward to hearing nest reports :)

  6. I think she picked the perfect spot for a nest. I'm just glad that it's not on 'my front porch'! :) Keep us posted.

  7. You are so hospitable. I'm not very nice..when it comes to my front door.
    Perseverance and Persistence go hand in hand. We need to model that just like the birds do.


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