Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Best Day Ever!

There was much excitement and anticipation
as we arrived at the airport!
International arrivals area was quickly found
and the monitor indicated that
the flight from Damascus/Cairo/London had indeed arrived.

We made welcome signs
We waited .... 
the children played cheerfully
We waited some more ....
until we could hardly contain ourselves
Till at long last - there he was and in the words 
of his young nephew "best day ever"
came true!!
Our hearts were full and overflowing as we
simply looked on at this happy reunion.

This day had finally come for
brothers who have come through so much,
Generations of displacement
Loss of both their parents
Living in refugee camps for years
Painfully long separations ...
Now is
the beginning of a new life in Canada!

A "quick" long trip back to Kitchener
and a delicious "mid-night" snack Palestinian meal
all lovingly prepared by a beautiful young sister-in-law!
I don't think anyone in that household slept last night
What joy!!!!  Thanks be to our God (in whatever language it is said)
Amen .........

We look forward to interacting with these wonderful people
for many years to come, to learn about their culture and beliefs,
as they learn about ours too.

Till next time ........ sleep well Ali, rest and renew your strength for the days ahead!  God bless you.


  1. so nice, mom!

  2. Those kind of days are the best days! Like a moment of heaven on earth!

  3. Aw, what a joyous time! SO glad he made it safe and sound~

  4. A reunion like this makes one take a mental step back, to reflect on our good fortune at being able to live in this wonderful country. I love how your community has shared this good fortune!