Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Donuts to Quilts!

On Saturday we went to the 
17th Annual Consignment Auction Sale
in our area 
which raises funds for the local 
Amish School Fund.
It's a massive sale, taking up acres and acres, 
with rows upon rows of antiques,
collectibles, household effects, furniture, 
trees, plants, pets and farm animals, horses,
machinery, and the oh so many beautiful quilts!!!
Not to mention the huge tent with
all homemade baking for sale, or the 
rows and rows of food booths.
It's a place to meet and greet your
neighbours and to purchase anything and
everything you can imagine!
Our intention was to get a coffee and one of
the famous donuts!

Many Mennonite groups were present at
this event - primarily the Amish who organize this annual sale
and every kind of Mennonite in between.
Of course, friends and neighbours came from far and wide
to enjoy and to shop!

Many auctioneers were kept busy as they 
simultaneously and methodically tackled this massive job!

Did I mention how amazing this sale is???

Rows and rows of things to sell!

"Racing" stripes on the buggy wheels

Beautiful Handiwork!

My favourite shot of the day!
Twin sisters enjoying the sunshine and bustle of the sale!
So great to see you Ruby and Ruth!
My neighbour Elmina checking out the quilt auction.
I wonder how many quilts she helped to make?

What a wonderful morning!
We had our coffee and donut
then ended up buying a quilt too!
The perfect wedding gift for a friend

Till next time ............another very successful Amish Sale - well done!


  1. Wow! That looks like a great sale for sure. The quilts seem to always be the highlight right along with the food...
    Love your photos!

  2. Now that looks like a fun event to be a part of! I love your top photo...the row of beautiful horses.