Friday, September 21, 2012


The Happy Couple - Becky and Patrick
Photo credit - Uncle Merlin

It's the first weekend of Autumn and
it's been a week now, since the big day occurred!
I am finally able to take a few
moments hours to reminisce and post a few
pictures and thoughts.....
You'd think that planning a wedding FROM A DISTANCE
(as in 3 provinces away)
could be an overwhelming challenge,
however, the Bride to Be was very organized
and full of great and creative ideas!
Many, many emails went back and forth between
us and I was always so impressed how she waited
to respond until she had a chance to speak to her groom about
any major decisions.
I was always so happy when they gave me a "job" to do
and at times may have reacted too quickly.
I was keenly aware that by the end of June (which was a full and very
busy month) that I would have to buckle down
and start getting things together.
Somehow July and August seemed to be just as busy,
but I kept going ahead with the wedding
plans as much as I could.
Following are some things I jumped on embraced as soon as I knew
what they wanted.

The Table Decor:
Vintage tins for the fresh flowers.....
I sorted through my own little collection and had a blast
hunting through the antique markets and second
hand stores to find the rest - we needed 26!
As it turned out the groom's Grandma Grace
had some wonderful ones that we used
as well ....
This is how one of them turned out in my mom's old honey pail!
They were all beautiful and unique.
Burlap runners......
I found a whole bolt of the perfect burlap
at Len's Mills - an amazing fabric and mill end
store in our area.
It just needed to be cut in half and to the required lengths.
The burlap scent was quite strong so I hung them
on my washline to air - with the shadow of the
pear tree it looked like oriental art - maybe that's a stretch??
Wood slabs .....
This involved cutting down a tree behind
the drive-in shed and making slices and stumps
which were then dried on the straw floor of the barn.

The flat slabs were used as centrepieces which anchored
the vintage tins stuffed with fresh flowers,
a vase filled with wheat and oats from
the "home" dairy farm just down the road,
and a lace covered mason jar
with a tea light candle inside!

The Pie Table!
Photo by Carolyn B

The "stumps" were used to elevate the pies to various levels
 on the pie table!
This worked out nicely and allowed for many pies to be put out at the same time.
The delicious pies were baked by
Anna Mae's Bakery in Millbank, ON - the best!

Photo by Carolyn B.
Photo by Carolyn B.
Photo by Carolyn B.

The Table Favours ......
Becky knew what she wanted for table favours
as long ago as last summer when the engagement was
announced..... it was small jars of zucchini relish
made by your's truly and jam made by her future 
mother-in-law all wrapped in various fabrics
for that chic country look - Done!!!

Just one more thing that I added
to the Bride and Groom's Table
and to our table .......
My mom always had one of these made
for our wedding tables and I just had to do it!
It was so much fun and sometime I'll
show you how it's done - so easy.

Carved Butter Lamb
Photo credit - Carolyn B

Well, that's all for this post on the wedding tables
Can you tell that I loved every minute of this???

Stay tuned for some more "tidbits", stories and pictures ........
sorry if this was too much information
for one post!
 I just can't help myself.

Thanks to my friend Carolyn who took lots and lots of pictures at the wedding, also to my brothers-in-law Merlin Leis and Murray Leis - the photographers pictures are yet to come - can't wait to see them all!!!


  1. I loved this post. Both of us get to reminisce as we see it through a mother's eyes...My post is yet to come and you'll be smiling when you see our table decors and favors...many similarities.
    It's so much fun when we can enjoy this together.

    1. Agreed Marg!!! Can't wait to see your next post too!

  2. So nice to see some of the details that have been part of your life in these past months. I can relate with the long-distance planning and getting it all together as my daughter was in school in CA until about a week before the wedding. They got married during the Christmas break here in Canada and then she went back. (on the legal front there was some other paperwork to get done... but that is another story. They got married.)

  3. Wow... I'm so impressed with all the planning and how beautiful it all turned out. Beautiful and uniquely so. Yes, the burlap airing on the line looks as if Christo had been to visit. =D The bride and groom look so happy and handsome...a darling couple. Many blessings on them. So, when are you going into the wedding planning business? Catering? Selling your relish?

  4. Oh how fun to see all these great details. Love the vintage tin idea for the flowers. Those butter lambs are fabulous!! I, too, was so happy that other people took lots of photos at Katie and Andrew's wedding since I was somewhat restricted...

  5. Wow, Rosella, so beautiful and unique! I love that Becky had you so involved, lots of love and work went into these decorations. I love the country feel to everything and the "old" items that you were able to include. So awesome! can't wait to see the rest and hear more about this incredible wedding! Anita N.

  6. Oh, I LOVE every detail: The tins and flowers, the burlap, the pies, the gorgeous tables, the happy couple, the zucchini relish, the butter lamb. SO well done...thanks for sharing, Rosella!

  7. Absolutely lovely! Butter lambs, burlap runners, pies. WOW!

  8. It all looks beautiful and I loved all the details. I'd say that planning from a distance was a great success! Wedding pies, jars of homemade goodies, vintage touches - gorgeous!

  9. Everything is picture perfect! What a lovely photo of the happy couple! I have looked forward to these pictures for some time now. The big day is over....a new home established. God bless.

  10. Great post, Rosella! Everything looked so amazing. I loved all the little, personal touches! Glad it all came together exactly as Becky wanted it to. Also, I loved your dress - you looked great!

  11. Loved getting to see how it all came together! Becky was so lucky to have all your help and skills bringing together all the details. I just loved all the natural materials and vintage pieces. So nice!

  12. Looks like the wedding was a huge success! Wow, girl, you are wasting your time in the accounts department; you should be an event planner. Fantastic blog as usual! Lisa