Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Wedding "Deets"

Helping to plan our daughter's wedding
was such a blessing to me.
I guess it made me feel "useful" and 
even though not all went as planned - is showed me
how very capable, resourceful and professional she is.

The barn wedding that they wanted was not meant to be.
There are many beautiful barns in our area
that have been used for weddings and gatherings in the past.
However, right around the time that venues
were being explored - we learned that the 
township had "closed down" all such venues!!
These lovely buildings are disappearing at an alarming rate.
Rather than allowing owners to refurbish and repurpose
them, their barn doors are being slammed shut!!
Shame on you Wilmot Township!!! Don't get me started.....
That's another story!

In spite of all that, Becky and Patrick chose a lovely
Inn that sets up a permanent marquee, for the 
summer months, on its grounds for weddings and such!
This was the perfect location and besides,
they have a great chef and events coordinator.
The out of province and guests from a distance
were able to reserve rooms at the Inn and everything, 
including the service, was held right there.
How convenient!

A country/rustic yet elegant theme emerged:

"Mom - what about making small jars of
zucchini relish as wedding favours?
And Patrick's mom could make her famous
jam as well!"

"Let's cover some straw bales and use them for extra seating
and what about using the old 
galvanized tubs as "coffee tables" amongst the bale seating?"
The tubs were a bit rusty but a sprinkle of straw
covered that and a little fall plant inside spruced it up.
A round of plexiglass topped them off.
Perfect for the wee cigar bar on the terrace!
"Small pails stuffed with flowers to
line the aisle"
She had her florist order the flowers 
and we found the pails at Dollarama!
It looked so nice ....

"Mason jars to hold the bridal
party's bouquets on the tables"

We "tinted" them in blue and this is how they 
turned out......

"let's use the old rustic cedar easel and that
antique window frame you plucked from the
Wellesley Mill's renovation garbage heap, for the 
guest's table assignments"

"Where can we use the tall ditch grass?"
As a back drop to 
the memory table!

"We don't want a traditional wedding cake,
we just want pie!"
That was easy and delicious.

"We need an old suitcase or something to 
contain the wedding cards, some dancing shoes, and 
the guest's pictures"

Here is one of three vintage suitcases....
It worked great!

Well, that's a little peek into some of the "wedding deets (aka details)"
and ideas that were used!!!

Have I mentioned how much fun this was????

Till next time ................ still waiting for the wedding pictures to come so I can share some with you!

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  1. I love all the 'deets'! It all went together perfectly and looked beautiful. As for having pie instead of cake...I'm all in favour. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a bunch of beautiful ideas! I love the pie stump holders and the tinted jars. You should give us a tutorial on those jars. The home made canned relish is such a great idea. We went to a wedding this summer. The bride and groom had made tiny jars of raspberry syrup from their raspberry farm.

  3. Love all your fun and unique ideas. Having pie instead of wedding cake was really a great twist. I like the lining of the aisle with those filled pails!

  4. I love the pie idea! Your daughter's wedding looks like it was as much fun in the preparation as in the day itself!

  5. I am so glad you were able to expand the guest list to include strangers like me (via blogdom that is!)

    Great details that made me one happy guest, even without a slice of wedding pie!

  6. We could of planned this together. Many similarities. Personalized wedding cakes, favors from your canning, Your table assignment was on an easel and mine was also made from an old window frame.
    Our daughters were obviously born in the same era...with similar thoughts and ideas around being rustic and original.

  7. Such beautiful personal touches! It's amazing what kind of energy you get when it's for your daughter. I can't imagine even thinking about all those things now.

  8. Wonderful details! It looks so charming and really helps with costs. Whatever could the reason be for the town to not allow barns to be used for a wedding venue? Big Brother strikes again?

    (Sorry that you've been getting spam, but instead of subjecting us to word verification, how about comment moderation instead? Yes, I'm getting terribly outspoken about this because the frustration level of dealing with the word verifications is very high. Sometimes it takes me as many as three or four tries to get it and sometimes even then I get the boot.)

  9. Oh, so many marvelous ideas in one post! Such a wonderful time for your family.

    PS...I have been getting tons of SPAM, too, but just via email...blogger catches it so at least it doesn't get posted.