Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wellesley A-B-C

Beautiful Day for the Annual Wellesley Apple Butter
and Cheese Festival!!!

I love to attend this, my home town, annual event
and today did not dissappoint.

It's a time to "come home", enjoy good food - all things apple
and cheese related plus much more, see many "old" friends,
enjoy a vintage car and tractor show, take a hayride tour
of local farms and the cider mill - of course, and
much much more!

I still park my car on the street I grew up on...this is
a picture of the old homestead as it looks today.
This is the place where our family always gathered on
ABC day - mother was prepared to welcome
us all home with may desserts and treats.
Many of us brought our in-laws and friends along too.
It seems that special family events and weddings
still happen on this, the last day of September!

  I have a brother and a sister
who each built their homes right next to the homestead
(where the gardens used to be) so it still feels like home!

Our church youth group has been selling hot English Toffee Syrup poured over
crisp apple slices for over 15 years now
and the apple flag gets featured on the evening news
almost every year!

I love all the creative art for sale that's displayed inside the arena "market"
and outside in the "midway"

Here is my sister and my nieces
showing off their purchases - at least
the ones purchased so far!

The horseshoe tournament is always a
highlight and started at the Festival's
beginnings over 25 years ago.
The famous international horseshoe champion
Elmer Hohl was from Wellesley!

It wouldn't be the same if the Greenwoods Hill Folk Band
didn't perform on the Steinman's porch!!

Nor would be the same without the "hit and miss" (as my
dad called it) motorized ice-cream machine.
It makes the best ice-cream ever!

Here is a view from the other side of the mill pond
where the boat regatta takes place much to
the delight of many as the tiny boats skim
across the water at high speeds!
The Canada Geese who normally hang out there
feel displaced and stressed on this day, however.

1/2 Pecks of  apples for sale!

The "naked lady" crocus bloomed brightly on main street.
My mother always said that it's 6 weeks till the first snow
when these flowers bloom!

Hmmm - looks like I have a bit of time to get my Fall yard work done.
It was so worth spending the day at the Festival.

Till next time......enjoy a Fall Festival where you live!


  1. I'm going to have to google fall festivals around here to see if I can pop into one. Yours looks really cool. Glad you left your chores to enjoy!

  2. That looked like such a lot of fun! Your hometown fair had every necessary element to make it just right - friendship, good food, laughter, music....and good weather.

  3. I love your old home where you grew up in!

  4. Those are the events that bring family and community together.
    How much fun to celebrate ABC Day. I have never heard of that before. It sure is special to park your car at your old homestead.

  5. I wish I could have been there! The apples with English toffee alone would make the visit worthwhile! How fun...that that's where you come from....and you can always go back.

  6. Now that looks like a fun day! A good old-fashioned homecoming even if it is called something else entirely. Hot toffee caramel sounds very good over crisp apple slices. Those pumpkins three look wonderful. I'd happily use those over real ones as they wouldn't have to be hauled in and out with the frosts. Perfect!

  7. Such a fun tradition! I'd be first in line for the toffee syrup poured over apples!!! your new header :)