Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall of 1939

It was 1939.
My mom and dad (on the left)
Uncle Solly (dad's brother) and Aunt Eva (on the right)
posed for a rare picture in front of
the Milverton Train Station,
a short time before they were about to be married!

All four of these dear ones have passed - Eva as recently as eight weeks ago!

The wedding took place 73 years ago on October 5th, 1939!
World War II had just begun in Poland.

I wonder what my grandparents thought 
about this young couple getting married
in such troubled times!
Were they even aware of the unrest in Europe?

There were no wedding pictures taken
but thankfully a few were taken during
their courtship.
By whom, I don't know but I'm so 
glad we have them!

 Notice Mom holding a camera and my Dad with his signature Bow Tie!

It hit me hard how much I miss them
when a few days after our daughter's 
wedding, I laid some of the wedding 
flowers on the grave.
Oh how they would have loved to be in attendance at
their beautiful Granddaughter's wedding!
She would have loved that too....

Here at their 50th wedding anniversary Dad get's a kiss from that recent bride, as cousin Amy looks on.

I am so very thankful that I had such wonderful
parents who endured many hardships,
loved each other and each one of their 8 children with
unconditional love, enjoyed and loved all of their 
24 grandchildren, and left us with a
"Goodly Heritage....Psalm 16:6"!

Till next time ..... remembering and thankful!!


  1. Such great photos and that last one is so sweet. So we both are one of 8. It truly is a blessing to have parents that loved the Lord and each other. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and yours!

  2. A goodly heritage, indeed! Great photos...great memories. Your mom's camera looks like a lunch box.

    1. Judy - I think it's an old Kodak brownie camera. It wasn't hers but she must have been holding it for someone (probably it was my uncle's who took some great pictures of long, long ago - so thankful that he did!).

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your parents. Yes, we have many reminders of thanksgiving in our hearts from our past.

  4. What a special post! I love that you spread wedding flowers on their grave.

  5. Oh dear memories...and what nice photos all. My favorite is the very last. Just look at the smiles that one kiss brought to both your father's and mother's faces. Sweetness!

  6. I'm late to this, Rosella, but so glad I found it. What a beautiful post!