Wednesday, December 12, 2012


What are you doing on this

Triple Dozen Day??

It's been a wee tradition of ours
to do something special on these
unique number days!

It all started on 7.7.77 
on a trip to Virginia
that we decided to make
these days memorable.

We haven't managed it every year
but in recent years we've done things like:

04.04.04 - were visiting dear friends in Kentucky,
went to the horse races, bet on every 4th placed horse, 
and didn't win a thing - but it sure was a lot of fun
and memorable!

06.06.06 did a little waltz in St. Mark's square
in Venice!  That sure was memorable!

07.07.07 - planned a trip to Newfoundland,
one of the best trips we've ever had!

08.08.08 we met friends in Chicago,
enjoyed a memorable dinner together and
spent the whole weekend in this beautiful city!

09.09.09 - we were visiting our daughter
in Alberta and on that day were in the
breathtakingly beautiful Waterton Lakes Provincial Park.
That was most memorable!

10.10.10 - we stole away to Watkin's Glen in
upper New York State.  The finger lakes are
so gorgeous and especially on this 
our Thanksgiving Weekend!

11.11.11 - we just had to be in Ottawa
on this special Remembrance Day.
We won't forget that day!

12.12.12 - well, it seems all our plans for
a little get-away didn't pan out so.....
we played hookie for the afternoon,
had a wonderful Indian dinner,
went to our favourite furniture store
(plug = St. Jacobs Furniture House)
and ordered a new dining room table and chairs!!!
Yeah - I'm so excited about this one.
To be sure, I'll remember 12.12.12

This wonderful old table has served us well (almost 40 years).
Its finish is gone, some bolts drop out every time
we move it and the table leaves (boards) are
 warped beyond repair. 

This is the new table that we ordered today.
The chairs will be substituted with
6 "pleather" parson's chairs.

I'm excited about this new purchase.
Delivery will be early in the new year.

Perhaps we can arrange it to be delivered on

Till next time .....  striving to make every day a memorable one!!!!!


  1. Wow - you two are really in the spirit with the special activities for the unique dates. Your new table is lovely and your old one certainly resembles ours which was purchased (already old!) in 1973.

  2. Fun post! You really do have a way of making special days memorable. Hope that you have plans for your loyal old table...perhaps a little restoration project of some sort?

  3. Oh what fun to make these days memorable. Love your old and new table. I'm sure you'll be enjoying many nice times around it. I mailed all my Christmas cards on 12-12-12. I hope they get postmarked today! Blessings...

  4. Now that sounds like a day well spent! You will love your new dining room table...I can guarantee that. We made the big purchase a few years ago...and now have a table that actually seats the whole family.

    The day was about done before I realized it was such a special date. It won't go down as a memorable day over here...a little this and a little that.

  5. Now, I have never thought of that...special date..and I love how you have cherished those dates over the year...and this beautiful your table will look for years to come as you gather around it.