Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lambs, Puzzle, Dressing and Veggie Tree

What a day!

The neighbours new born lambs
So sweet!

The "kids" head back to Alberta
So sad - we had such a nice time!

The puzzle got finished and all the pieces
were accounted for - whew, this was a hard one
and thank goodness we did it with team work!
Meanwhile our eyes and backs
are trying to get back to normal......

It's a gorgeous Peter Etril Snyder Print
puzzle called
"Sunny Morning".
We will frame this one for sure!
Thanks Becky, Patrick and Katie for your 
enthusiastic help and 'sticktoitness' on this one!

Peter Etril Snyder is a famous local artist, well known for his Mennonite paintings!

A Double batch of dressing was made
for yet another Christmas Dinner to be held tomorrow (Sunday)!

A "Veggie Tree" completed!

My sister-in-law, Glennis, first made such a tree
many years ago and I just loved it.
She even added shrimp and her tree was much larger.
This is my attempt at it....
I tried to make a nice yellow pepper star for the top
but it just didn't look right .... thus a
grape tomato tree topper!
This veggie tree will be the centre piece on
a large veggie platter for tomorrow.
Hope it holds together!

Alas, the Christmas hustle and bustle
will soon be over.

Till then ..... I shall enjoy the last days of Christmas and of 2012.


  1. Congrats on finishing the puzzle! I like that veggie tree...

  2. I suppose we do need to bring things in for a landing...we will at week's end...because we'd wear ourselves out with all the celebrating. It's always tough to say goodbye. I'm just glad that it is easier to be "in touch" these days than ever before. That tree is gorgeous!

  3. I well understand the ache that the good bye brings, whether "they" are doing the leaving or you are. How ever did families bear departures on ships for three month voyages to new lands?

    Your veggie tree is lovely.

  4. Oh and I loved seeing the new lambs. I didn't realize they were born in winter!

  5. From new born Christmas trees made of vegetables. I can envision that it became a spectacular center piece. Saying Good byes are never easy.
    Yes, Christmas is over, but it lingers in our home for awhile..just because I love the sparkle of Christmas.

  6. I can just imagine how that puzzle kept drawing everyone to add pieces!
    It's addicting in a surprising way! As we enter a new year, one in which we can not see the full picture of yet...we know that we can trust our Lord to put together the pieces and lead us. Wishing you a beautiful picture for the coming year!


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