Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day Puzzle

A 1,000 piece puzzle
"Sunny Morning"
by local artist Peter Etril Snyder!

On Christmas Day,
it started off on the Dining Room Table
Was then transferred to the office table,
only to be moved back into the dining/living room 
on a folding table!

As Boxing day (day two) grew dark
the desk lamps, bridge lamps,
and any available lights came out
and were plugged into an extension cord!

This puzzle had us all puzzling!
The teeny tiny pieces, so much alike
and so hard to piece together.
Totally addictive 
and lots of fun!

The snacks and drinks were brought over
to the puzzle table, breaks were taken
occasionally to eat and to try to figure out
how to get the hockey games on the internet etc.
But for most of the day we puzzled and puzzled!

Even the visitors got into the act ...

It's starting to come together.
Will we ever get it finished .... that is the question.

This has been a fun Christmas Break activity.
What have you been up to on these days of Christmas?


  1. That is a nice scene to put together for sure. I love puzzles and it's been a while since I've worked on one. As I type the 4 adult kids that are here so far are playing Crokinole. It's a new game to us this Christmas season and so far a hit. Our 2nd born son is on the road and should arrive here at 10:00 tonight. He'll be introduced to the game, too.

  2. Is there any activity more cohesive than putting together a puzzle as a team? I think not. It's a metaphor for life! Hope that you get it all done, but not before you've drained every drop of joy and fun out of it. The puzzle looks beautiful!

  3. That took me back! One year I believe we all nearly went blind trying to complete a complicated puzzle - like you, we brought in every portable light to try to see properly!

  4. We have spent a few Christmases with a puzzle on the memories! It looks like you've made some pretty good progress! Happy New Year, Rosella! xo

  5. From someone who is not the best at jigsaw puzzles...I'll cheer you on from the sidelines. But maybe doing it as a group effort is the way to go. I'll wait to see the completed project!

  6. Brings back memories... My dad always had a big one on the go when I was little that we used to work on when we had a minute. I was always good at finding the border pieces. Lisa


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