Monday, December 24, 2012

Brown Paper Packages......

"Brown Paper Packages
Wrapped up with String,
these are a few of my
favourite things!"

The Rumtopf
has been stirred and is
ready to be served over
Tapioca and/or ice-cream!

It's Christmas Eve and
my heart is full,
and thinking of all my dear
friends and families
in blogdom and on facebook!

From our house to your house,
Have a joyous Christmas Eve...



  1. I love that your heart is full...mine is filling. =D Love that final photo...hope that it is framed somewhere in your home. Have you used it as Christmas cards? mErRy ChristMaS!

  2. Simply lovely! Your photo in Nazareth is so fitting! Have you tried the Rumptoff in a glass of bubbly? Such a sparkly special treat.
    We watched The Sound of Music last night...and the songs are playing in my head today. Love your brown paper packages all tied up with string.

  3. Beautiful. Love the photo from Nazareth! We've been enjoying my smirntopf mixed with champagne! I've shared it at two parties already.
    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  4. Merry Christmas, Rosella! Thanks so much for your friendship this year!!! xo

  5. Merry Christmas Rosella. Things look lovely at your place.

  6. Thank-you, Rosella! I'm just a wee bit late here, but hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

    We sampled Ellen's delightful version of 'rumtopf' this Christmas. :)