Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Blooms

Look who decided to bloom after all!
I really thought my Christmas Cactus was not
going to make it this year.
I was so delighted to see it bloom
albeit only on one side, but no matter!

The biscotti is baked.
You can find the recipe that
I use here.

Now .....

Till next time ...... onward to doing my Saturday work and finishing the decorating!!!  What are you doing today?


  1. Your biscotti looks delicious. I'm sitting on my duff watching English Premier Soccer. It's an escape for me. Soon I'll get up and do something productive...

  2. My cactus bloomed in early November. First time ever!
    Today I'm heading into town with my daughter for a ramble and tea at Murchie's.

  3. So glad your Christmas cactus picked the right time to bloom! That biscotti looks yummy. I had brunch at a tea shoppe this morning with all my girls...and now I need to get a few things done for a party I'm hosting tomorrow.

  4. All of my plants are of the plastic variety because I've spend decades of killing them and finally figured out I don't have a green thumb. As for today, I spent most of it on Twitter and scheduling future posts for my AKA blog. Now, if only I had something interesting to say on our 20 Years from Now blog.... Any suggestions?


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