Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jack the Decorator

The Christmas Decorating has begun....
and I didn't have to do a thing!!

Jack came during the night and started it for me....
I couldn't even begin to make things this pretty.

All I had to do was get out of bed
grab the camera
and start shooting.

Here then is my little attempt at getting
started inside.....
Have a long way to go but it too shall get done.

Happy December Saturday to you!


  1. Yes, that Jack has been getting around. He's been here all day long doing some light decorating. He can keep it that way as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Just love your photos Rosella. Such an artistic eye behind the lens. No frost here, just warm and sunny, I played in the kayak all afternoon. Not really missing Jack, you can keep him up there!

  3. Oh my Jack really was busy and did a beautiful job! Brrr...
    Christmas will come soon enough inside, too. I undid my Christmas table today to reset it for a non Christmas setting I needed for photos for the cookbook. Oye... Two steps forward, 3 steps back. It will come together maybe by next weekend!

  4. Jack did such a fine job! Thanks for sharing it with us. Jack has not spent much time in these parts as yet!

  5. That Jack is a handy fellow to have around when you want a little sparkle on things! We haven't seen him here yet - just rain, rain and more rain.

  6. nobody can decorate like MOTHER NATURE great pictures how nice it must be to sit and enjoy such beautiful scenery,thanks for posting the pics

  7. Beautiful frosty photos, Rosella!

  8. Love your photos Rosella....puts me in the Christmas mood. I'm doubtful we will have a white Christmas....maybe wet. We enjoyed a snow day this week on a day trip up country.

  9. I was reviewing photos from last year, and Jack visited us much sooner...
    I loved your natural beauty. Very authentic and I will invite him to our house. Enjoy your days as you plan ahead.

  10. I love this kind of Christmas decorating..beautiful!

  11. Jack is a great decorator! I hope he comes around here before Christmas... in fact I hope for lots of white.