Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Storm before the Calm!

My house looked like
a storm had hit!

The office desk was cluttered with
mail, bills, and various debris.

Before the calm!


Oh and then there was the fridge - eek!
There is no "before" picture
It would just be too embarrassing.

Now there is finally room 
for the Christmas goodies that will be
made over the next days and weeks!!!

Do you ever feel calmer
after cleaning the house?

Now I feel ready to welcome friends and family!

Oops one more necessity - clean the bathrooms - off I go!

Are you feeling calm?


  1. I'm feeling calm. I did my grocery shopping for the meals we'll have the next several days this morning. Have a meal in the crock pot and I'm sitting with my feet up watching a little football. Your desk and fridge look real nice. I love it when the desk top is cleared off and the kitchen table!! You reminded me that I need to clean the bathroom before the kids arrive, too.

  2. If it would only stay together once I've done something, but it keeps falling apart! =D

    Glad that things are being accomplished. That's a good feeling!

  3. I spent the day - the entire day - making the house ready for the Holiday - the Holy Day. The house has to be clean and sparkling for that! What a job it was though, an all-day job. Now I'll put settle down with last Christmas's book that I never finished!

  4. I'm calm. It'll be a quiet Christmas Day, and I quite like the change of format! Merry Christmas, Rosella!

  5. I hear you....yes, we did similar things. The clutter is cleaned and there is plenty of food in the fridge. Enjoy your days feeling calm and peace.


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