Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the Air

I just wanted to share 
a few of my favourite Vintage Valentine Cards
that I inherited from my mom and dad's
collection ...........

They must have had such fun exchanging
these notes of Love.....

Back side of the cards

They were both born in 1916 so these cards 
are from their school days in the mid 1920's to early 1930's
I am guessing.

I am so thankful that they kept these
lovely cards!

The farmer's family also recently
discovered a wonderful collection of these
beautiful Vintage cards
from his side of the family.

I have wonderful memories of my
school days Valentine
I wish I had kept some of those cards - sigh!
Trust me, by now they would be on the
verge of being Vintage as well!

Do you remember what your school days
Valentine Day parties were like?

Till next time ............... the steak is in the marinade for our special Dinner tonight!  A quiet "at home" celebration.  Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.


  1. Sweet post Rosella. I attended Grandgirlie's kindergarten valentines party today and smiled when she showed me her bag of Valentines to bring home. I love your vintage valentines.

  2. how wonderful it is to have such a treasure from your parents! I have Brian's mom's from when she was a little girl - love them :-D Enjoy your romantical dinner!

  3. I love those vintage cards. A few days ago I pulled out all the cards that my dad and mom exchanged over the years.....oh they were gorgeous. I still have a few of my own from younger years. Have a great are special.

  4. Those little vinatage cards remind me of my grandmother! Oh, she loved the Victorian style cards, maybe because when she was a little girl, she gave one to her mom, which she ended up getting back and keeping among her precious few posessions while fleeing Russia. I have it now. I just realized it must be almost 100 years old.

  5. I always waited for that bag of Valentines and counted them carefully. My biggest treat of course was knowing it was my we had double emphasis, my birthday received a high priority. Vintage is truly the word.

  6. What fun these vintage cards are! It's great that they are from your parents' stash. Love it. I do remember Valentine day bags growing up taped on the back of our school room chairs for all the kids to deliver cards to. I loved it more than Christmas at school. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours...

  7. How amazing to have those. It's a lovely piece of your own history...those are adorable.

  8. What treasure! They are the sweetest of Valentines. Oh, yes, I remember those Valentine parties with great fondness.

  9. The vintage Valentine cards are wonderful-they are so classic and they are probably sentimental, too. How nice that they have been preserved!
    Your chocolate pie looks heavenly!

  10. What wonderful treasures! And it sounds like you celebrate V-Day the way we do...a nice meal at home. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. What an amazing treasure you have Rosella! I love your blog!