Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautiful Vancouver

Beautiful Vancouver City!
We boarded the sea plane in Nanaimo
and "hopped" over to 
the city.
Beautiful views - my wrist bands
worked well and got good use on
this trip!

We had a bird's eye view from our Robson Street hotel room!
What a great vista.

The weather was perfect
and we took full advantage of the 
Hop On/Hop Off Trolley
which took us to
Gastown, Chinatown, Canada Place,
Grouse Mountain (complete with two Grizzlies).
This gave us a wonderful overview
of the city.

Till next time ............... Day 2 in Vancouver - meeting old and new friends.


  1. I'm trying to imagine...can't wait!

    Wrist bands working well? Hmmm...

  2. Somehow I missed the fact that Vancouver has a hop on hop off trolley. Next time we go up there I'll make use of that for sure! Love seeing the photos of your celebrations!

  3. I'm still choked that you did not let us give us more notice...and we could of met you on the on/off bus trip. When we travel, we always use that as it points out the stops of interests and it's not expensive. Forty years is a great way to celebrate. We'll go on forever. Dumb question...what are the wrist bands for? for identifying yourself?

    1. Dear Marg - I am so sorry about our quick stop in Chilliwack! I wasn't even sure that we would go there (you have to know my farmer man to understand this - was all dependent on the weather, renting a car, the mood???) - sigh!! I had to convince him that Winks was a destination and so glad Kathy took the time on her day off to meet me there for a few minutes. I hope to meet you someday for sure....maybe you'll come east sometime too? The wrist bands are for my motion sickness while flying or any such thing! They really worked. Hope you can forgive me .....

  4. I love Vancouver! Last time we did the Grouse Grind (ugh!) to see those grizzlies :)

  5. So special to see someone else's review of our city! Glad you had nice weather!

  6. You captured Vancouver beautifully!


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