Friday, June 14, 2013

That's A ......

Everything is bigger here......
and reminds me of the Tupperware "That's A Bowl" meaning
it is huge!

That's a huge ancient tree!

That's an "aunt" amongst giants....

That's a maple leaf on steroids!?

That's a slug - some are up to 10 inches long!

That's a Skunk Cabbage.

That's a fresh cod lunch from Jiggers!

I have a feeling "that's a" I'll be bigger as well
by the end
of this "wee" Get-Away!
Especially if we keep eating this well.

Till next time - loving Ucluelet, BC!


  1. It looks beautiful there! I went to Vancouver once, but we didn't have time to see much else, other than Whistler. I would love to go back!

  2. Wow! Thanks for giving us that great perspective to see just how big everything is next to your tiny self. :)
    I know after being treated to Winnipeg/Steinbach hospitality I'm a tad bit larger. I mean 3 meals a day plus desserts, with no exercise in between. At least you are out enjoying the wild northwest!

  3. I adore BC! I just made some UBC cinnamon buns today :)

  4. It seems everything grows when it is well watered! Love those giant trees on the island.

  5. I love our maple leafs..the slugs? not so much!