Friday, July 26, 2013


The Boston "Hawbah" 
from the 33rd Floor
of the State Room!!!

Here we enjoyed a fabulous
melt in your mouth beef tenderloin dinner.

The next evening - dinner was at
the amazing
John F. Kennedy
Presidential Library and Museum,
a rare opportunity indeed!

We are having a fabulous time
in this beautiful city!!

The farmer/financial advisor is enjoying his sessions
and I am happy to be a tag along.....

More to come ....

Till next time ..... I'm off to do some shopping on Boylston.


  1. Just catching up - came for a bust and have found you off on an adventure! Thanks for your visits - I was sorry to read about your Cairn. We have had three and I wouldn't want to be without!
    Have a grand time!

  2. Oh...I really love tag along trips! That shot is just beautiful. I'll be happy to see more of your adventures!

  3. Love that you got to tag along! I just had my grands for 5 that my daughter-in-law could tag along with our son to Toronto.

  4. Oh... such fun places you've been able to see!