Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunday Drive

A beautiful Sunday Afternoon Drive
on a Loooong Weekend!
Discovering a Barn Quilt Trail ....
Worth the drive!

"Tall Pine Tree" one of my favs!

Love this classic "Log Cabin" too.

"Rose Bud" - this might be our favourite!!

Middlesex County Barn Quilt Trail - I LOVE THEM ALL!

Yep - it's two sheets of 4 X 8

Till next time ...... scheming on how I can make my own Barn Quilt!


  1. What fun! That would really be a fun drive...

  2. I love barn quilts (although I have never seen one in real life.). What a fun drive.

  3. What a nice afternoon drive.
    I'll bet you could make a barn quilt! Let's see!

  4. Spectacular quilts! I love their bold pattens!!!

  5. Those are great! It reminds me of the barn quilts in Iowa.

  6. Now that's a nice trail...I have a favorite, too.

  7. Barn quilts? Who knew…that is such a cool idea. You can totally do this…the hard part will be deciding what kind of design…oh the possibilities! Is there a rhubarb and rose quilt pattern?


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