Monday, August 26, 2013

One of "Those" Days

Do you ever have one of "those" days
when things just aren't going
as planned???

I have my fair share but today
was a corker!

Last week I was at a Norwex Party
where I was reminded that pillows
that haven't been washed for some time hold
up to double their weight in dust mites!!
O.K. this might be too much information
but I have to tell you, I was grossed out.

So, today, I stripped my bed linens,
pulled the "old and stained" etc. etc.
pillows from their cases and decided to go for it.
I've washed them before with good success
and vaguely remember reading somewhere that you
should carefully check all the seams to be sure they are
intact before laundering..... you know where this is going right?

Thank goodness for the old shop vac is all I can say....

My first load of laundry was old cleaning rags and a couple
of car blankets which were on the line to dry.
The skies turned black and the 
rain poured - sigh... for a second rinsing.

Oh, and I was rudely reminded by my machine
that it couldn't drain the next load
due to a clogged filter - go figure.
 (I had to get the manual out for that one)!

On the bright side,
my rain barrel has been refilled,
the hydro has remained on,
and my bread dough rose.

There is a huge spaghetti squash and
a meat loaf in the oven and
fresh bread for supper.
Life is good!

Have you had one of "those" days recently?

Till next time .......... planning a wee trip to the nearest Hutterite Colony for some new feather pillows.


  1. Thank goodness for that fresh bread (which looks amazing) and meatloaf to enjoy after the pillow mishap. Oye. I'm also really grossed out by the idea of dust mites in pillows...

  2. Ohhhh...not lately, may Heaven be praised. I recently washed all pillows here, too, and that was based on something I
    I read at Pinterest. Prior to this, I just put them in the dryer or tossed them out. I did purchase the zippered pillow protectors, though, so perhaps they helped keep everything together. At least, supper was amazing!

  3. My day was quite long today, too. Your bread looks heavenly and like a perfect cure for day's stress!

  4. Did you read A Holy Experience today? Some of that blog reminds me of your day. "When your plans don't turn out",is Ann's subtitle. I commend you for finding the good in your day that had some challenges.

  5. Oh dear! Enjoy your new pillows! The fresh bread looks like a good consolation prize....on a not-so-good day.

  6. Something like "no good deed shall go unpunished"?
    I feel your pain! Just having a wad of Kleenex in a pocket go through the wash is bad enough...

    Did the bread get home made jam?

    1. Ha - it was slathered with butter while still warm but this morning it was toasted and the homemade jam and honey were spread :)!

  7. wasn't a total wash. ha ha! I could feel your pain about the pillows letting loose in the wash. I just recently replaced our pillows again. I have decided that buying new pillows once a year is easier than trying to wash what we use. I buy them at the big box store when they are on sale and after a few sleeps...they feel normal.
    OH but the bread looks delicious.

  8. Fresh bread and meatloaf…comfort foods can cure all evils! That bread sure looks tasty.

  9. Those parties are good for making you feel like you need to go home and sanitize everything. I too have vaccumed my matresses and washed everyting on my bed, feeling in a frenzie to get every bug out... and then life goes on.
    Okay.. that dinner sounds like plain good old comfort food for a day such as this.

  10. I vote for the pillow protectors! Not quite the same but...

  11. I think I have one of those days at least once a week! But a lovely dinner like yours would make it all better. Your bread looks amazing :)

  12. I have those kind of days a lot. Good thing there are always a few good moments to hold onto.

  13. Sounds normal around here. Funny thing is that I did the same thing today...washed those stained pillow and made sure they got dry...but I had no corky things happen. Not today. By the way, can I have a piece of bread and butter?

  14. And now I want a slice of bread with honey or jam..that would be a good 'joy in the moment'.
    Enjoy your new 'mite-less' pillows:)

  15. Oh ya, have had a day or two like that myself. Nothing that a good slice of fresh bread doesn't fix.

  16. That was a corker, Rosella!
    Yesterday I stepped on a bee and was badly stung on the foot. I came inside and walked barefoot into the kitchen where I stepped on a toothpick that the vacuum hadn't picked up. It was driven straight into the same foot. The bright side? least it was all on one foot!


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