Friday, November 29, 2013

Stay Calm and Begin

It's begun....
Came home from work at noon,
started cleaning the bay window area,
that's where I always start!
Set up the tree,
Sorted out the mini lights
half of which were not working....
Added a few new strings.

Thoroughly (as in dusting
and washing windows, vacuuming,
and straightening all things)
cleaned the living room
and now the sun is already setting.

The tree still needs to be "trimmed"
plus all other things -  but,
It's begun ....

Are you starting your Christmas decorating this weekend?
The hardest part is to Start!

I'm beginning to get into the Christmas Spirit.
The lists have begun too!

Till next time ..... have a great weekend, put on the Christmas music, burn some incense and stay calm!


  1. Ahh... love the sparkly lights. Enjoy the weekend and the joy of preparing.

  2. Today the boxes will come down out of the attic. No tree until next weekend. Your tree with the outside view of snow is perfect :)

  3. It all looks so beautiful! Just as lovely as lovely can be. I am taking it very slow for my back has decided to kick. I'm not into the hauling of boxes down the stairs quite yet. The trees look so pretty unadorned...wonder how long I could get away with that!

  4. It's looking lovely over there. My indoor Christmas decor is still packed away...but the cookies are baking and it's beginning to smell like Christmas. :)

  5. Yes, I have begun. I'm like you, first I clean and then I can start from a clean surface. Thank goodness that we have these seasons. Come join me for an afternoon of Faspa with hot apple cider and light the first candle.

  6. I've begun the process too, but no tree yet. Your tree is looking wonderful!


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