Monday, December 9, 2013

Eating the Cookie Crumbs

Things are looking up!

Christmas music is playing,
snowflakes are falling,

The biscotti is made
(click on Baking Biscotti
for the recipe).
Having some tea and
eating the cookie crumbs.

The sugar cookie dough is 

the Nanaimo Bars are
hiding coolin'

the Nuts 'n Bolts
(with Bugles)
are made and
stashed away

Slowly but surely my
Christmas baking list
is getting checked off
I feel much better - smile.

12 more sleeps till 
the kids arrive home.

Spotted a Snow Bunting
in the back yard.

Feeling thankful....
looking up really works!

Now for decorating the tree,
finishing the shopping,
keeping the house in order
and staying positive.

How are you doing?


  1. I haven't started doing any cooking, but the house is mostly decorated and the shopping is almost finished. (I have shopping elves that help)! Looks like you are almost ready! Your cereal mix looks so delicious.

  2. You have accomplished so much! The first UPS truck rolled up today. That always makes me feel better. Oh looking up is good.

  3. Glad you've got everything under control! That snow bunting is gorgeous!

  4. Finally back home where I can use my computer to comment since my iphone still won't allow. Your header is AWESOME!!! Your baking schedule has me drop jawed. Wow, you GO girl. Your house must smell fabulous. Having family come for Christmas is such a happy motivator.

  5. Oh so sweet...that little bird. Glad you spotted it. Here it is almost 11:00 already. I must get the oven preheated and get to it!!
    I haven't done any baking yet.

  6. I've made my nuts n bolts. A few cookies...but somehow this year I won't bake as hangs around the wrong places. The tree is up...and a cover of snow...and too, I am trying to enjoy the season rather than seeing how much I can accomplish. Peace and JOY!

  7. Oh, I hope to be caught up on my holiday baking by the end of the weekend!!! You're an inspiration, Rosella!

  8. "Looking up really works"..and in so many ways! A good reminder.
    I love biscotti, yours look fabulous..that is still on my cookie list to bake.

  9. I have similar things going on. Feeling good when I get things into the freezer ... cookies and appies are done, I think. Decorating done... some shopping left and then the wrapping. It's always different when kids are coming home as you will be a happy, busy time! So much to be thankful for!

  10. The excitement is mounting - I can read it in every word and space, Rosella. You are well on your way with your preparations and I can imagine the excitement as you wait for 'the kids' to arrive! Have a wonderful time with them!

  11. Sounds and looks like you are well organized. The excitement when the kids are coming home is always so much fun. We just arrived home a few days ago and I'm keeping things really simple this year.

  12. I'm doing okay! Christmas is coming and I'm getting ready. I love that bird photo! Lovely.
    Bugles! I'm so glad I had not put together my munchy mix!
    I'm so happy your family will be home for Christmas Rosella!

  13. That reminds me...the nuts n' bolts have yet to be made over here! I'm not so sure I'm on track at all this year...but Christmas will come regardless. Wishing you a wonderful time with the 'kids' under your roof!


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