Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Get-Away in Ajijic

We had a wonderful time in Mexico!
2 short weeks ago we
left the Great White North
with minus 27 Celsius temps
for the balmy plus 24 Celsius get-away.

We stayed with our "snowbird" friends
who have been wintering there
for the past few years.

They have a lovely rented condo
in the Mexican town called Ajijic
(pronounced Ah-hee-heek)
on Lake Chapala.

This is an inland area surrounded by
the rugged Sierra Madre mountain range
on the edge of the fresh water Lake Chapala.

Ajijic is located just 30 minutes
from the huge city of Guadalajara.
The high elevation (5,046 feet above sea level) here provides
a very stable and pleasant humid free climate. 

When we weren't out for long walks,
discovering the sights, sounds and
tastes, we found that
the condo's great mirador (balcony)
was the perfect spot to soak up the warm hot sunshine
and relax!

Our gracious hosts Barry and Margo

We did a lot of walking on the
rustic cobblestone streets.

and stopped to admire the beautiful plants
and flowers.
Such a refreshing change from our snow
covered and frozen gardens back home.....

The Cacti were amazing...
growing wild on the surrounding mountain sides
and deliberately in the gardens and gloriettas 
(Mexican style round-a-bouts).  
I was so intrigued by these cool plants!

Ajijic is known for it's low cost of living
and world class medical care.
No wonder the snowbirds choose this
as their Winter Get-Away!!

The local food, restaurants,
and markets were second to none.

More on that next time .......... stay tuned.

Disclaimer - my handy "point and shoot" camera went on the fritz (not to mention my computer problems - ugh) so I had to resort to my cell phone camera - please accept my apologies for the quality and sometimes visible finger on some of these photos.


  1. It seems like you would get a better taste of Mexico in this area of Guadalajara. I don't think you need to apologize for your photos. They look real good. That balcony is fabulous. Glad you could meet up with your friends in this cobblestone town!!

  2. You did well considering your camera went on the fritz. I would enjoy someplace warm, but not humid as you show and describe. It's not usual to see the beautiful flowers in February! They are like healing balm.

  3. No apologies necessary, Rosella. It's such a treat to see some colour, no snowdrifts, and sunshine. Can't wait for the next installment!

    20 Years From Now

  4. Every should have friends who are snow birds! I could use a get away right now, too! Looks like a fun, scenic trip!

  5. Welcome home! I'm sure the weather change was a shocker. It looks like you had a marvelous time.

  6. Oh my goodness but that looks beautiful. I SO wish to be warm!

  7. It looks like a great place to visit! I agree with 'gathering place'...that we should all have friends who are snowbirds in interesting (and warm) places.

  8. OH....looks like the perfect holiday Rosella. The patio...the cobblestone...the friends.....the relaxing!

  9. It's always so different visiting a place when you have someone to host you! How lucky!
    What a beautiful place!

  10. I'm just catching up on my reading -- this looks like it was a wonderful getaway! I've never heard of it before.. Beautiful!


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