Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cactus Rose

It's another sunny day!!!

The farmer and I are having
a lovely get-away from the crazy Winter
weather back home.

We couldn't have planned it better...
it showed -27 on the dashboard as we headed for 
the airport at 4 a.m.!!

Temperatures of +26,
sunny skies,
Palm trees,
fragrant flowers,
and friends
greeted us at our destination.

We are blessed!

The best part is
that after a week of struggling freaking out
with my computer
(upgrading my software, crashes, etc. - it's a long story)
I have figured out a 
complicated way to post pictures 
onto my blog again.

I was beginning to turn into a
Cactus Rose instead of a Rhubarb one.

Till next time .......... stay warm and safe!


  1. Oh you did have great timing for your getaway to a warmer climate! Glad you figured something out about posting your photos! How fun that you could meet up with friends!

  2. The timing is perfect! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos...this location looks so warm and inviting.

  3. Enjoy your time away and I will be thinking of you in the warm sunny moments. I love the winter scene on your banner. It's time we have some snow here....just enough so I can have my fill and feel satisfied that we had winter.

  4. You lucky duck! Perfect timing for your holiday. Enjoy every minute, my friend!

  5. That tropical location is calling out to me, too! It is always nice to leave the cold behind for a while. Have a fun time!

  6. It looks like you timed your winter escape just perfectly! Have fun in the sun. :)

  7. Oh.. so happy you found a way to stay warm! Enjoy the sun!

  8. What a good time you picked for your holiday! Soak up enough sun for all of us!

  9. Minus 27???? I have never seen temperatures that cold. Good thing you were able to escape! I am trying to guess where you are!

  10. Oh enjoy enjoy enjoy!! what a lovely break!

  11. You deserve this get a way. Looks like a nice look so relaxed. Enjoy the time together and with your friends. Will look forward to hearing and seeing more:)

  12. Besides myself with joy that I get to visit Mexico with YOU this time!! Or at least via blogdom. Don't skimp on photos, you hear?


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