Saturday, April 12, 2014

Aprons, Hospitality, Biscuits and Borscht

What a great Day!

We travelled by bus to St. Catharines for the
Annual Spring Enrichment Day
Women of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada

Creative and witty organizers,
Delicious food,
Outstanding music,
Reconnections with old friends,
Meeting new friends,
and best of all,
meeting Bev Klassen from

Pretty much a perfect day!

Bev taught us the many uses of a good biscuit recipe!

We were served delicious Borscht for lunch!

Look who I met today!!!!  Such a thrill!

I am so thankful to have been
able to attend this day.
It was worth the drive and 
I have been truly enriched on so many levels!!!


  1. Thanks so much for posting about the conference. I was thinking about Bev today. She is my SIL and I knew she was in St Catherines today. So appreciate her but also the MGCC. I've been to several of their presentations her in the Fraser Valley.
    Irene K

    1. Irene - she did such a wonderful job! It was so great to meet her and I was truly blessed by the whole day!

  2. What a fun outing with friends (old and new)! I think women outings are very renewing.

  3. Oh Rosella, how fun seeing you together with Bev. Sounds like a really fun day from bus ride to meeting with friends over good food and visits. We were all back home cheering Bev on...and looking forward to photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rosella, you are the best! Glad you got to travel in and have a good day of food and fellowship and share your photos with us!

  5. How special is that...that you two were able to meet up! Like Kathy said...we were back home cheering Bev on. Thanks for sharing about the conference.

  6. I was speaking with some one else who went and said it was a good day. I couldn't imagine you not going when you knew who the presenter would be.

  7. I'm SO glad you got to meet one of your heroes! The entire day sounds perfect...right down to those beautiful tulips! :)

  8. How cool is that?! What? One can do multiple things with a common biscuit recipe? I need that knowledge!

    1. It was so great to meet Bev and the biscuit recipe she used was Judy's Buttermilk biscuits from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog!! Bev even mentioned you as the inspiration for the blog title!! How cook is that!!??

  9. Thanks for your pictures and kind comments Rosella - it was so much fun meeting you. I've marked your blog and will start reading it now that I know you! It is enthusiastic "sisters of the heart" like you that make being a part of MGCC so much fun.
    (Glad you got your parcel - still wishing I'd remembered to bring it to the conference!)


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