Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring is Sprunging!

I stand amazed
at how wonderful Spring is....

It has finally reached our little
corner of the world it seems.

The fields are flooded,
but the drainage ditches have 
begun to "move" as the farmer says....

The puddles and bits of
corn in the neighbours field
have welcomed the migrating
Whistling/Trumpeter Swans
along with a few of their cousins....

What a difference a few
nice warm days makes!!

God is so good....

Till next time ................ watching for more signs of Spring.


  1. Spring...early spring to be very welcome. I would be thrilled to have the swans and geese returning! We have a lot of ducks who have come in. Hope that they don't stay all year, but they have been fun for the past few weeks.

  2. Your wet fields remind me of when I was growing up in Idaho. Our fields were always flooded in the spring. It was always a celebration when things were dry enough to start farming. Your photos were beautiful.

  3. Such lovely photos of your area. Love the beautiful reflections you captured. I'm glad things are looking a bit more Springish for you. It is such a wonder to see the new growth...

  4. Your photos are gorgeous, Rosella! We had a couple inches of rain today...and it was nice to see huge puddles instead of snowdrifts :)

  5. Things are looking up...and I see spring is 'springing up' in your corner. Beautiful pic's. Have a great weekend.

  6. Ah, lovely! And, if I might say so, about time too. It has been a really late Spring for you.

  7. OH, I can only imagine that you are going to post many signs of spring. Soon our winter wheat crops will be ready to harvest as the sun pokes out at the end of this week. Your photos look amazing.

  8. Your photos look like cards! Just beautiful!

  9. Spring is finally showing itself here, too. Your photos are SO beautiful, Rosella! Is the 4th one your home?


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