Saturday, May 3, 2014

Canning for RVing

Look who came out to play!!!
We are getting so excited to finally start
using our little Escape Trailer.
Our "maiden voyage" is planned
3 weeks hence
and we're getting ready.

Spring is coming - slow but sure.
I can almost hear the rhubarb growing...

The Lady's Mantle
doesn't seem to mind
all this rain we've 
been having.

Always the first to bloom
is this old fashioned
lung wort from my
friend Ruth!

So back to camping...

In preparation for this summer's
fun I've been starting to gather
things for the trailer and thinking
about food preparations.
It's been SO long since we've done
any camping and that was usually in a 
tent, with a canoe and primitive
cooking utensils.

Because of the convenience of having
canned foods I got busy this weekend
and canned some pork sausage to take
with us on the road.

Have you ever home canned meat?
My mom always canned pork sausage,
beef chunks and whole chickens.
Freezer space was at a premium back in the day
for a family of 10
and home canned meat was a delicious
and convenient alternative to frozen meat.

I have read many recipes on Google
which all say you must use a pressure cooker 
in order for safely canning meat.
I'm positive that my mom did not have
a pressure cooker and no one ever
got sick from eating her delicious canned meats.

However, this may be a concern and I just
may have to invest in a pressure cooker 
for future meat canning.

I simply cold packed some
sterilized jars with the
smoked sausage (if using
fresh unsmoked - it's best to
fry it or bake it in the oven for a bit)
Once the jars were packed
I put some sterilized and warm
snap lids on and
placed them in the canner
that was filled with cold water.

Steam jars for 2 hours (start timing after water comes to a full boil).  Note – 10 lbs. unlinked bulk sausage makes 7 quart jars which fits nicely into a canner.

I actually did up approx. 14 lbs. into 7 pint size jars - perfect size
 for two hungry campers,
plus 4 quart jars for larger

After letting the jars cool
slightly and checking that
they have sealed,
I turned them upside down
to ensure the meat is
perfectly sealed in it's own
juices and fat.

To serve, simply remove the sausages and their juices from the jar and heat in a frying pan or brown on the bbq – it’s fast, easy and delicious.  I always discard the lard that forms in the jar but mother would save this fat for making her homemade soap.  

I have used this method for Chicken and Beef as well - increasing the processing time to 3 hours.
Label your jars with date of canning and try to use up within 12 to 18 months.

My SIL Pat has canned salmon, moose and venison
meats this way with great success as well. 
My brother is an avid hunter and fisherman
and she is a great and adventurous cook.

Till next time ............. do you like to camp and what are your favourite camping meals?


  1. What fun you're going to have, Rosella!
    We camped all through the time we had children at home. We tented and over the years owned two VW campers. We haven't camped since 2003, and if I go again, it will definitely be in a trailer, motor home or camper of some sort, with floor, roof, and real bed!
    I would never have thought of canning sausage, but you make it sound very simple to do.

  2. Enjoy camping! I think I would enjoy your way of camping. I didn't enjoy tenting. This information about canning meat is very intriguing.

  3. I remember my Mom and Dad canning sausage, chicken and beef. So handy to have 'ready to eat' meat on hand. It will be perfect for camping, Rosella.
    We haven't camped in a number of of our favorite camping meals was tacos. I prepared much of it at home so it was easy to assemble and eat while camping.
    You will have such fun camping!

  4. What a cute camper and how fun to be planning new adventures in it. I'll confess to you that I have never canned anything.
    Don't tell!
    I am totally impressed with your skills!

  5. Brilliant, both the canning and choice of RV! I am looking forward to reports from Camp Rhubarb and Roses Afield!

  6. Wow, you are really getting prepared for camping season! I've never attempted canning meat or poultry. You will have such fun in your 'little escape'.

  7. Well, I see you are about to hit the road in a high end camping style. Sure beats the tents.... My mom used to can meat and as soon as you said, mind went to (three hours canning time) And you had suggest 2 I have that memory, but only stew meat and chicken meat in quart jars. You look like you will be ready for the road. We camped for 30 years and have sort of let it go now...and sometimes we rent a trailer for a week. Those were good days.

  8. My Grandmother used to can chicken and always used it as a last minute meal or for home made chicken noodle soup. I remember my mom canning salmon.
    My go-to camping breakfast is Wranglers from the MGCC Celebrations book. Eggs, bacon and toast all in one pan.
    Enjoy your home on wheels. We have a truck and camper and love taking it out. Cooking is so much fun on the road.

  9. I have never canned a thing , so I found this fascinating! And, I haven't camped in years...that was in a tent. I think it would be great fun to camp in an RV - it's on my bucket list! I follow another blogger who has a vintage camper--it's really whet my appetite!

  10. I have never seen (or heard of) canning sausages. You are brave! I have been the recipient of home - canned salmon and it is very good! I know you will have so much fun in your little home on wheels.


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