Monday, May 19, 2014

Kit 'n Kaboodle

This weekend,we discovered a wonderful family
that has been practically living in our back yard
for the past approx. 5-6 weeks!

The farmer rigged up a "blind" on our old
garden arbour and we were able to get some
great shots of these little fox kits.

So far we've counted 5 kits.

Here is a video clip we took last evening.
Watch closely near the end
and in the background to see mamma fox

What a privilege to witness this

Guess what we'll be doing over the next little while?

Aren't they so cute??

Till next time ......... Happy Victoria Day.   And to my friends South of the border - have a wonderful week!!!


  1. How fabulous! So much fun to see their playfulness. They really are cute. I would be quite distracted by this family moving in! Enjoy and Happy Victoria Day to you!

  2. They are adorable! And I finally caught a glimpse of the flash of Mama Fox in the background. Your husband made a wonderful blind!

  3. What fun!..........and what a privilege to get so close to them. Your clever husband, to build the blind for your viewing pleasure!

  4. Oh they are just too darn cute!!! What fun you'll have watching them.. you'll be well entertained!!

  5. Very cute! How fun to have your hubby conspiring with you to build a secret viewing station! Enjoy.

  6. That is so fun! Foxes! I love how you two are hiding in watch.

  7. This is so cute..I'm happy that you could have the time capturing them at play. Truly special.

  8. Oh they are so cute! What fun entertainment right in your back yard. Got to show Scot...he'll love it!

  9. Aren't you scared? I think you two are the ones who are fun to watch here! ;)

  10. Better than anything on TV! And no commercials!

  11. Oh my goodness! They are super cute. I tried to watch for the mother, but I didn't see her. Thanks for sharing the fun video!

  12. Nature is great entertainment! I hope they stay around and keep you company.

  13. What fun to be able to watch these "fetching foxlets" We are watching eagles build their nest in the tree above our Kitchen window. Nature is so entertaining!

  14. They are adorable! The video was a real treat!


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