Monday, May 5, 2014

Stalking the Wild Leeks

Every Spring my dad would go back to 
the "home farm" where he grew up
and find his favourite patch of wild leeks!
Those pungent smelling,
full flavoured "bush onions" or "ramps"
as they are sometimes called.
He loved to eat them raw, wrapped in
a buttered slice of fresh bread.
These potent little bulbs are known to
hold powerful medicinal properties,
the lingering odour is very real!!!

It's a beautiful thing!

The dog tooth violets are blooming too - so pretty!

It was a great day to stalk through the bush
and see it come alive!

Here's to good health!!!

Till next time - I'll let you know how the smelly healthy soup turns out.....


  1. Wow! Those videos are wild...they're running all by themselves even in the little preview. Ha! I don't think you can upload a video wrong so it must be something Blogger is doing. I had no idea about wild leeks. Sounds very interesting. Does one find them in a swampy area like one finds fiddleheads?

    1. Yes Vee, the video is wild like the leeks! Don't know what I've done wrong but will try to figure it out - so frustrating! To answer your question - leeks are actually found in hardwood forests rather than swamps. We've just had so much rain lately that this looks swampy!

  2. Nice!! ... you have a youtube channel?! You are officially more tech savy than me!
    Becky ;)

  3. Wild leeks! How great is that!? I love smelly soups!

  4. Amazing. You are such a wealth of information, and what is SO cool is it's inherited! Thank you for sharing, and bringing back some memories of my own because my dad loved leeks, too. Although being a city boy, I doubt he ever harvested them in this fashion. Love the daffodils as well. None up north as of yet! :)

  5. I just learned something. Who knew there were wild leeks?

  6. It's new to me too. Onion sandwiches used to be a favourite of mine - I may have been healthy, but I wasn't too fragrant!

  7. I never heard of wild leeks! And I'm intrigued by eating them on buttered bread. Hmmm...

  8. That was fun seeing 'him and you' trudging through the back woods.....just like your dad did! I've never heard of wild leeks. I bet they make a great soup!

  9. Leeks are taboo at our house:) Those dog tooth violets are so pretty. I love finding flowers in the 'wilds'.

  10. Isn't it wonderful that spring has finally sprung. You have a nice crop of ramps,


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