Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bench Memories

It's been a busy, full and fun week!
There was a lot of shopping and
an unexpected "Tea Party"...

Beautiful quilts....

An interesting Amish Sale Day
consisting of homemade everything from
donuts to quilts to baking to kettle popcorn
to almost anything you can think of!
The children caught my "lens" - they are so
adorable with their ice-cream stained faces ...
and oh, the horses - amazing!

I loved this vintage
threshing machine with it's  
folk art painting.

There were rows and rows
of "treasures".

Rows of horses and 

But one of the best treasures of all
were these church pews that my friend Jan spotted!

They are the pews from our old church!
Apparently the congregation that had purchased
the building have replaced them with new ones.

We were so excited and waited hours till
the auctioneer finally came to that 
special row - because we just had to 
have one or two of those.

The skies were threatening but
we used our best bidding strategy
and were able to acquire a few at 
a very decent price.

Like the farmer said, "Now what do we do with them?"
Time will tell, but we just couldn't leave without one, right?

These are the benches of memories where we sat for our
weddings, our baby dedications, baptisms, summer bible schools,
four part harmony, where we shared our most sacred moments.

Did I tell you - it's been a busy, full and fun week?
Thanks to our dear friends Dave and Jan, Larry and Debi and Bill
It's been terrific!

Bench memories made?

Till next time ...... our hearts are full.


  1. I would be giddy with the acquisition of one of those pews! Tell hubby to kiss his sofa goodbye! = D

  2. Your pictures are amazing. So glad you guys found the old pews. Wonder where the rest of them ended up.

  3. Wowzers, loved every photo and fun time you had! I'm sure you'll find something to do or somewhere to put that pew. We enjoyed a great old pew in our larger home. seventeen years ago...
    I've known of people cutting them down to a smaller size and putting the ends back on. I hope that made sense. A shorter pew was easier to manage somewhere in the home. Love the details on the end pieces...

  4. Rosella, I'm so happy that you got one of those precious benches. I would be right there with you in the sentiment of that. The whole day looked just amazing. Oh to poke around those treasures...
    The tea party looked so wonderful too. My Mom's Centennial Rose China Tea Cup is in the photo... memories...

  5. Fabulous story to go along with your beautiful photos! It's so special that you landed those pews...I can't wait to see what you do with them! Maybe a long dining table in between two of them!

  6. A great post Rosella, I loved all the photos and those pews were quite a find!

  7. Fun post! I think I probably sat on one of those pews in the long ago past. I'm sure the farmer will "come around" soon when he sees your clever spot for the newly acquired furniture. My parents had a church pew in their sun porch in the house close to the S-bends which provided good seating.

  8. I love the tea party pictures even though they made me hungry for another piece of that quiche. What a fun day. And I enjoyed the photos of my quilt in progress. How you got it done so fast is amazing.

    As for my blue days, well...I just got out all of my blue dishes and bowls to display in the kitchen so that my new quilt on the wall will have some friends to blend with. I also called our local chalk paint store to see when I could go over to buy some blue paint (they have workshops and the owner knows the lady in New Hamburg. They're friends on fb). Those are all of my current "blue" experiences. I love your blog, Rosella. That recipe for simple brown sugar icing is going in my recipe box. Have a great day!

  9. I can tell....summer usually is full isn't it? I love those church pews and I can't imagine you going home without one. There is something about the Amish...that bring back the nostalgia of customs and traditions that many of us hold dear to our hearts. I will be waiting to hear about that bench and what you did with it.

  10. I'm so glad you could get one! My parents had one at the lake for a long time, but it's gone now. I wonder if I was not there when the decision
    was made ... oblivious. You live in a very unique area and it's beautiful!

  11. Now this is a sale I wish I could have been at! It just looks so interesting. BTW I love your header, is it your back yard?

  12. What a wonderful time! I almost felt like I was there with all the great photos you posted. That church pew will be a treasure. Our daughter has one in her kitchen....I love it!


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