Friday, July 11, 2014

Week of Blues

There's been a bit of blue stuff going on this week!
Mulched the flower beds around my blue house....

Started making a "blueish"
table runner for my
friend who is coming for
a visit next week....

The piecing only took me a few
hours - but the quilting
is going very slow....

What was I thinking!!!!??

It was a blue rainy Monday
that got me started on
this project....

I really have to learn how
to "machine" quilt!
Even after watching umpteen
Youtube videos on how to do it,
I'm still afraid to try it on a 
"real" project - ugh!

The best blue thing that happened was
when the farmer found me this awesome
bike on Kijji!!!

I love it and am on the hunt for a sweet little
wicker basket parcel carrier.
It's my new blue touring vehicle....

What's blue in your life these days?
Hope all is well where you are "blueming"

Here's to a new week with blue skies and wonderful visits with
dear friends from Kentucky .....


  1. I want a cute blue bicycle like yours! I did buy some blue (aqua) pillows today. What a lucky friend to get the table runner. Nice!

  2. Oh I was happy to read about your blues that aren't the doobey doobey down down kind of blues. These are all nice blues. Love the bike. I loved seeing the front of you house. A very nice blue. Those planters look very tidy and full and nice! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Great post, Rosella! I love your blue house, and your blue quilt...the blue bike is just perfect, and I hope you find just the right basket. Fortunately, blue skies where I am, and hopefully blue ocean water where we are headed!

  4. I'm not a bit blue reading about all your blues! Love this wonderful pattern with all the blues...a truly lovely table runner. And the bike? You're going to be doing some biking! What fun!

  5. We are loving our blue skies and blueberries are ripe for the picking. I just have to decide when to go.
    Such a great bike you got!

  6. I love your blue house! I think if it was on my street I'd knock on the door just to tell the owners how pretty it was.
    Then we could go biking together. My bike is aqua and has foot brakes instead of hand brakes. Love pedaling about with a basket in front! Happy summer...leave the quilting to a group that does it for pay like some church groups do to raise funds for charitable work?

  7. It's nice to see your 'blue days' Of course I love your bike...I have enjoyed cycling so much this summer. Blue is still one of my favorite you can see that you and I have chosen the same background template for our blogs..."BLUE" I love this template as I think of blue skies and sunny days and all that goes with it.


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