Sunday, August 24, 2014

Music in the Fields

What a fantastic venue for a weekend of

The skies threatened but held off
as performers such as Gord Bamford, Brett Kissel, Tim Hicks,
Lindsay Ell, The Road Hammers, River Junction Band,
Whitney Rose, and my favourites High Valley and Dierks Bentley,
belted out their top songs to an enthusiastic crowd of 
some 7,000 fans!

The camping was literally in the adjacent fields,
with crowded camp sites of tents, trailers, busses, and
all sorts and sizes of RV vehicles!
Most of the time the "fields were alive with the sound of generators" - ugh!
We did feel a little smug with our wee Escape trailer
that required no hydro or generator to function for this event.

The solar panel and propane
provided all our needs for
lights, pumping water, refrigeration and cooking.
It worked beautifully!

delicious and made for a 
quick meal between sets.

The evening performances went well past midnight but we
"old folks" persevered and enjoyed the coolness of these last
summer nights.
After all, we had a cozy warm bed waiting for us in the field....

Till next time, what was your weekend like?


  1. Rosella, that sounds like so much fun! I do not recognize any of those names so now my curiosity is up and I will head for You Tube. What a perfect little camper your Escape is. Perhaps I need to Google that for more information, too.

    1. I listened to a couple of High Valley songs...I liked "Trying to Believe" best. That was fun!

  2. I like how you roll! Glad you could experience some summer nights like these. Generators really can take a toll on you. When power goes out in our neighborhood for too long those generators start taking over all the air waves. It's so so pleasant when they finally get turned off. After seeing your grill of food, I'm off to the kitchen to get some breakfast!!

  3. Look like you guys have it made in the shade there!

  4. Looks like such fun. We like our solar and propane generator for us. That sausage looks so good.

  5. What fun all around...from being smug in your camper to taking in the music till all hours. Dierks Bentley is the only name I recognize over there...but he'd be worth staying up late for! And the food looks fabulous!

  6. Looks like you are enjoying the goodness of foods prepared in advance and also the fancy amenities that go along with camping without electricity and power. Looks like a perfect summer weekend to enjoy some good times.

  7. Going to a great outdoor concert makes one feel young and happy!

    I hadn't known campers come with solar panels. Now that is going on our camper "want" list.


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