Monday, September 22, 2014

Glow juice

Here she is ..... my latest kitchen appliance!
She is so sturdy and broad of girth
that she looks like a giant in my small country kitchen.

I finally had a chance to give her a "whirl" today.

My sweet daughter gifted me with this famous "Oh She Glows" cookbook
by Angela Liddon
and I've been anxious to try some of the smoothie recipes.
No more excuses now that I have my Vitamix!

I used one of the Yogi Juice recipes
with a few slight variations.

The Beet-utiful Power Glow recipe calls for
1 seedless cucumber - I used half.
1 small beet - peeled and chopped - I grew some candy-cane striped beets so I used one of those.
1 medium carrot - peeled and chopped.
1 - 2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice - I also added lime juice.
1 small apple - cored and chopped.
I added two handsful of spinach and 1 banana.
It also seemed too thick so I added 1/2 Cup of water.

My juice came out looking green but if you use
a red beet it would be a lovely red like in the book.

This made approx. 3 servings and the fresh flavour was delightful.
The banana added just the right amount of sweetness.
The recipe suggested straining the mixture or not if you like the pulpy texture. I chose not to strain but could have used a wider straw - just saying!

Because my Vitamix is so powerful it was unnecessary to  slightly steam the beet before blending - bonus.

Now I'm hoping the power part kicks in and gives me the umph I need to
tackle the flower beds today....

Till next time - making the most of my Monday!


  1. Oh that is a beauty. I'm seen them demonstrated at Costco. With you garden bounty it will certainly come in handy.

  2. I have a super duper blender as well but have to confess I haven't really tried smoothies. I think I love food too much to replace it with drink. But... it sounds like it could be quite healthy and maybe I'll have to replace a breakfast now and then. I think I could do that.

  3. I just watched a cooking demo on our local news today...featuring Erin Ireland and her Vitamix! Enjoy. I'm just a wee bit green with envy. :)

  4. She's a beauty! I think you will be glowing:) I love blueberry smoothies.

  5. That should really pack some good vitamins! Good luck with the healthy eating (drinking)!

  6. Love the little peek into your kitchen! The vitamix has found a beautiful spot!

  7. Juicing has become so popular...and I love it how you can throw everything in from your garden....I'm sure you will have the glowing feeling after this signature drink.

  8. Congrats on your Vitamix! I keep hoping they'll contact me and I'll get a freebie. A girl can dream! I'd love to taste your smoothie...I like how you've included enough fruit to add some sweetness :)

  9. I considered buying a vitamix, but so far, I'm still using my blender for smoothies, and juicer for juicing. Enjoy your Vitamix, Rosella!

  10. I have had so much spam lately and for some reason there's a lot related to this post? Go figure. Anyway, I've put up the word/number verification for comments - sorry about that. Hopefully this will weed out some of the spam. The joys of blogging .....


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