Monday, September 15, 2014

Niagara RV Rally 2014

A rally of Fibreglass RV's?
I would never have guessed I'd be at one of these
just one year ago!

If you've been following my blog lately,
you'll know that the farmer and I have been enjoying
our "new to us" Escape 19 RV trailer.

This gathering of all shapes and sizes of RVs at Riverside Campground
just across the street from the mighty Niagara River
brought back so many memories of using my brother's Trillium trailer
many years ago - they are classics now and some folks have
done a wonderful job of restoring these sweet little houses on wheels.
There were Bolers, Trilliums, a Compact Jr., Big Foots, a Surf Side, a Play-Pac, Tent campers, 
and of course several Escapes!!!

This sweet Coca Cola Classic by Al and Andrea was amazing
right down to every littlest detail!!

Our hosts organized an Open House/Trailer and I couldn't wait to have a peek into this sweet little trailer!

The table was set for two.
Andrea made all the placemats,
table runners, cushions, curtains, and all things Coke
from rare fabrics she has found online and elsewhere.
I felt like I had stepped into a fairy tale room - super cute!

Becky and Doug brought their Compact Jr. which they lovingly named Tweetx
Tweety Bird peeked through the window and made me smile! What a cute little trailer!

Check out this amazing quilt made especially 
for a much loved Trillium.
We even discovered that the couple who owned it
were from our area and know people that we know - small world!

There was another cool coke
themed trailer complete with a 
palm tree.
We didn't have an opportunity to see the inside, but the owners had a matching hot rod pick-up truck to tow this gem.

Another gorgeous quilt made of
homespun fabrics.
Hmm - Can you tell I was looking at the decor while the farmer was looking at all that other stuff like mechanical and such?

Our next door neighbours Mike and Sarah were SO helpful, sorting out a little 
electrical problem and encouraging us as rookie RVers!

Our hosts Alf and Mary Anne Stacey, in their beautiful Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel,
made us all feel welcome, organized a fabulous pot-luck supper
and brought door prizes for everyone.
What great ambassadors for Escape trailers!

The potluck table included Blueberry Pies decorated with trailers - wow!
These were made by Jon who has been travelling the continent for a whole year in his Escape 17 - a fantastic photographer and pie baker!

Well, that was fun!

Till next time .......... preparing for Winter Storage - can summer really be almost over????


  1. Rosella, I loved the little 'home' tour. Those quilts are really nice. I bought a quilt for our trailer the first year we had it.....and it's one of my favourite things in our 'Fox Den'. So happy for you guys that you are enjoying the adventure of Escaping. Niagara River would be a beautiful spot. That pie is really cute!

  2. I'm in love with the small, cute trailers! What a fun thing to be a part of

  3. You're a community unto yourselves and what a great one! May the adventures continue... (Oh loved that beautiful pie with its whimsical crust decorations...too cute!)

  4. Oh what fun...touring all these cute little homes-on-wheels with you! I'm glad you enjoyed your first season with your camper...and wish you many more adventures on the road ahead!

  5. Love how you've embraced that trailer and are bonding with it! What a fun gathering...

  6. Oh that does look like fun. Who knew there were groups for various types of RV's? I didn't. I love those sweet vintage trailers. We've seen them now and then at campsites.
    We're taking out our trailer once last time this weekend. I can hardly believe summer is all but over.

  7. Such a blast! What a fun way to see the the world. And those pies? So creative!

  8. That looks like so much fun! I'd like to own a little trailer and fix it up and go camping. The Coke one was amazing!

  9. What a great home tour, Rosella! I would love to try RVing sometime. You are definitely adding to that desire!

  10. Rosella, that looks like so much fun! I dream of some day having one of those cute little trailers!


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