Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vegas Bound

The farmer/businessman and his wife go to 
Las Vegas.....

What's a girl to pack?

It's a business convention with several formal gala dinners.
Thus, packing suits, dresses, and some bling - eek!

Here goes.....

Do you lay things out on the spare bed for this process like I tend to?

Hope no one recognizes that I wore these two dresses to the last convention in Boston!

This one doesn't look quite 
so matronly?
I think I'll throw it in too even though I'll probably wear the other two again.

It's going to be super hot
while we're there, according
to the weather forecasts.
That means a sundress,
tunic top and white capris are in order.
Oh, and a denim jacket and 
just in case it gets cool on those 
desert evenings.

Casual stuff....
3 bottoms with 3 interchangeable
tops for the days of shopping and touring?
Hmmmm - I see a purple, 
black and white theme
going on here!

Something to wear to an 
evening show?
Yep, I'll throw this in too.

My favourite white jeans,
black T-Shirt and scarf,
just in case!

Don't forget the shoes and a sun hat.
If there is still room after I've packed, I might be known for 
slipping in a couple more pairs of shoes!

I'll wear my comfy Lululemon capris,
T-Shirt and jacket for the plane ride,
dressed up a bit with a colourful scarf.

My carry-on will have one change of clothes,
my swimming suit, my purse and jewellery bag,
my laptop, camera, all in case the other bag gets lost!

I'm glad I did this little exercise - it truly helped me
to decide what to take and hopefully not overpack as I usually do.

Now to pack the farmer's suits and shirts.
This is always a challenge - especially because he tends to pack VERY last minute!

Till next time .... how do you pack for a trip? Have you been to Las Vegas and if so, I'd love to know  your travel tips for this trip?


  1. I'm impressed with your packing skills! When I travel, I tend to wear the same things every time, but I always pack everything I own-just in case! Have fun soaking in the desert heat!

  2. You have some very nice combos for your trip. Sheesh, when I go on business trips with hubby it's all about the employees and spouses aren't included. I have been to Las Vegas once on a business trip with Dear. People are up and busy 24 hours a day. Gambling all day and night. There are very nice indoor malls and lots of really good restaurants. No bathing suit for lounging by the pool? :)
    I'm really not a great help as it was years ago that I was there....
    Have fun and I'm glad you get to go to gala dinners!

    1. I am really thankful that these conventions include the spouses - they even plan special events for us at times. I did a google map on the place where we will be staying and yes, a bathing suit is definitely in order!

  3. Oh, this is fun! I'm glad I'm not the only crazy person posting a packing wardrobe. It looks like you will go in style. I love having it all laid out before and hardly having to think of what to wear once I get there. . . and if the weather will not be hot... you will be! I especially like your polka dot dress, your sundress with jean jacket and your lilac converse shoes! Not necessarily all together, but my eye was drawn to those. =) Enjoy the trip!

    1. I'm sure I got this idea from you Anneliese! I always LOVE your fashion sense and admire the way you put things together. This process really helped me to plan what I'll wear and not to overpack! I'll try to leave enough room in the bag for bringing back some new found items while there??? They say its the best shopping in the world - hmmm!

  4. You are SO set! Now...if I just had someone to come do that for me. :) Have fun in Las Vegas.

  5. Oh I loved this post. I lay my clothes out too. Looks like you have some really sweet outfits along, you're going to be set for all the events, from casual to evening with bling. Have a great time! Looking forward to seeing you in a few of these outfits after the trip:)

  6. Have a fun time in Vegas! It looks as if you will be well prepared so no tips from this gal who hasn't packed anything since 2008. =)

  7. I counted how many days you will be away according to your outfits and I'm wondering if I am right. You don't have your undies on the bed which would have taken the guess work out of that counting. =) . I do the same thing you do and I usually try all the outfits on before they get the privilege of making it to the bed.

  8. A cute post...Now you have me packing...You have inspired me by your wardrobe. You are off to Vegas and we're heading to Isreal. We will be doing a Holy Land Cruise...and my theme is 'nautical' So I've added a few scarves, navy's, whites reds and all goes together with some bright colored t shirts. Shoes...that is my problem...But I do exactly what you did...lay it out on my bed and my duvet cover is white so that is helpful. Have fun and we'll wait to hear about your trip.

  9. I pack just like you do - lay it out on the bed, plan the outfits, and hope there is room for more shoes! I've never been to Vegas, and would love to go. As I'm late in reading this, hope you had a great trip!


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