Thursday, February 18, 2016

From Hawaii via Victoria

It's so exciting to receive a package in the mail ...

this one arrived from Victoria, BC
beautifully wrapped and filled with Hawaiian chocolate,
Murchie's Hot Chocolate and Tea,
chocolate from Roger's (that I immediately regretted sharing with the farmer),
a beautiful Valentine scarf,
a Victoria Sketchbook by Robert Amos from Munro's Book Shop
and a card by the same artist that was hand written by a special blog friend
from Pondside.

If you have never visited this blog - you must!
She writes beautifully and from the heart.

I was picked as the winner of these treats on one of Pondside's
(a someday destination we wish to visit).

So, on this beautiful frosty February morning I am enjoying
a cuppa hot chocolate and the last few of those delicious Hawaiian treats!

Thank you so much for picking me Pondside - what a wonderful surprise!

We are enjoying the sketchbook of Victoria
 and reminiscing about the places we have visited there.
One of the most beautiful places in our country!

Till next time - dreaming of Hawaii .....


  1. Ahhhhh - that was so sweet, Rosella! The package took a long time getting from my desk to your house, but I'm glad it arrived safely. I hope you have a chance to return to Victoria - I would be very happy to be your tour guide!!

  2. Congratulations Rosella! Pondside is a jewel for sure. I'm glad it brought some sunshine to your snowy world!

  3. What a delightful package from a wonderful blogger!

  4. Oh what a lovely package . Congrats ! Yes I follow the lovely blog Pondside . Your photos are wonderful . Warmer temps for Friday could be up to +5 and possible rain , this winter weather here has been quite the mixed bag full lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Ahhh...what a sweet gift from my good friend, Pondside! She is always full of delightful surprises.

  6. What a nice gift from your thoughtful friend! I will check out her blog. We've been warm the past few days, but there's snow in the forecast again :(

  7. This is fun! I'm glad you were the recipient of this beautiful package.

  8. How fun!! I love to get packages in the mail - it's getting rare these days! You have quite a bit more snow than we do this year - such a change from last year. we've been getting rainy days and most of our snow is washed away. Not so great for snow-shoeing - my newest past-time. But I'm not complaining!

  9. What an awesome treat! Visualizing Hawaii and seeing your snowy photos was quite the contrast. I love of the best written blogs in all of blogdom!


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