Thursday, March 24, 2016

While the Paska dough rises ...

We arrived back from our quick "Escape" to Florida
just before the ice storm and in time to prepare for the Holiest of Days ....

My Mennonite Girl's Can Cook book is open to pg. 133  and Lovella's dough is on the rise.

I have adopted this wonderful Easter Bread tradition as one of my own.
It reminds me of the celebration of our risen Lord...

"Easter is the most significant day in the life of those that have accepted
the forgiveness of Jesus Christ"
by Lovella Schellenberg, Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
Amen ...

While the dough rises:

 I will attempt to get caught up on my blogging, both reading and finally posting.

I have struggled with keeping up and our internet connections were sparse to say the least while travelling!

I will prepare the homemade mustard for the delicious ham dinner to be shared with my Family In Law tomorrow on Good Friday.

I will bake some homemade bread - my cupboards are bare.

I will carve the Easter Butter Lamb.

Just a few more groceries to pick up but that will have to wait till the Paska is done ... that is if the ice storm that makes my hydro go on and off this morning lets me - eek!

I guess this post is somewhat of a "throw back Thursday" one.

Now skedaddle dear reader and I'll catch up with you all later. 
So much to share about our recent trip to Gator country.

Till next time ..... Happy Easter to you and yours!


  1. Our mouths are watering, Rosella. Your family is definitely in for a special treat this weekend.

    1. Aww - thanks Dianne. Wondering what are the Portuguese Easter traditions?? Maybe those custard tarts - now my mouth is watering.

  2. Ham- check
    Homemade Mustard - check
    Lamb butter - no, but a lamb pound cake (I will post a photo before it is consumed!)
    Paska - I wish!!!!!
    Happy Easter Rosella - it is good to see you back!

  3. =D

    John arrived home and said, "Rats, I thought the Paska would be baking." I decided to wait since the weather today was so foul. Tomorrow! For sure tomorrow! So I envy you the wonderful smells in your home today.

    Glad that you were able to make a break for it to warmer climes and glad that you are back so you can tell us all about it once you have the chance.

    A blessed Easter to you...

  4. So that is where you traveled to with your new traveling vehicle! I'm planning on what to do while the paska/kulich rises. It's always interesting to see how long that takes. I'm thinking lunch with the cooking crew will be a good thing to do. We are baking the Easter bread on Saturday so I can introduce the technique to our new Daughter in love. Our son and bride are arriving on Good Friday and have to leave earlier in the day on Easter Sunday so we decided on brunch for our main Easter meal after church. That will be a first for us. Hope you keep power and can get out to the store to get your last minute items! Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Florida! A most blessed Easter to your and yours! Christ is Risen!

  5. I love the anticipation of rising dough and your butter lamb is so cute. Have a great Easter.

  6. Beautiful inspirational post, Rosella .. and welcome back!!!
    I want to try carving that lamb. It is just too cute. I wish you could just come over.

  7. Happy Easter, Rosella!! It sounds like you'll have a delicious holiday. xoxo

  8. I'm just catching up on some reading, Rosella! Hope you had a wonderful Easter - I just love that Easter butter lamb, and the Paska sounds special! Can't wait to read about your adventures in Florida!


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