Friday, December 8, 2017

Tagliatelle Pasta and Italian Hospitality!

200 grams duram wheat flour
2 eggs

That's all the ingredients for making authentic Tagliatelle pasta!
Knead for 20 minutes or so till smooth.
Cover and rest for 30 minutes to let gluten develop.
Boil in salted water and serve with your favourite Italian tomato sauce,
sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.
It was simply delicio!!!

The farmer really got into this - his turned out way better than mine! He has stronger fingers for kneading.

While we waited for our pasta dough to rest
we had a chance to admire this beautiful country
estate, it's dining room floral display and the
simple and beautiful lace curtains everywhere.

We patted and rolled out the dough and then put it through the pasta machine
to cut them perfectly. Our hosts cooked them and then we feasted. 

A lovely time chatting with our fellow students.
A day spent unhurried and experiencing the Umbria hospitality.

What a wonderful treat to learn how to make this and hear about
passed down traditions and passion for good food and wine by our Italian
hosts and teachers!

The following day we were picked up at the castle once again by our hosts
who took us to an amazing olive tree farm.

We learned that olive trees are all registered and documented by the region and considered 
protected. Permission must be gained by the authorities in order to move or cut down
any of the trees!

We tasted different varieties of olive oil - who knew they could taste so different!

Delicious vegetables roasted in olive oil were served. What a treat.

The countryside here was breathtaking!

Next stop ... Vineyard and winery!

We tasted some lovely wines and just relaxed and 
enjoyed the views.
Delicious bruschetta was served to our delight.

A special message/picture from home came to us later that week ...

I may have jumped out of my chair and let out a little scream of joy!
Just saying.

We said farewell to Todi - a once in a lifetime experience in this gorgeous and friendly region of Italy!

Till next time ...... wanting to get one or two more posts done of our trip to Italy before I forget too many details. Thanks for reading!


  1. So much fun to see you with your other half! A man who’ll go to pasta making school is a good one. 👨🏻‍🍳 Wonderful news from home and a fun way to present it, too! Warm congrats all around. 👧🏻👶🏻

  2. Love that message of joy! Of course you screamed and jumped out of your chair!!! Good news of great joy.

    As for the pasta making...what fun to learn how it is done from the masters. And most special to sit down and feast together once the pasta was cooked.

  3. Yippee for that great message on big sister! Congratulations. Now that pasta! How great is that experience. Looks like so much fun! Your little grand is such a cutie pie!

  4. This just looked like the ultimate amazing Italian experience! Love the whole setting of the pasta making evening ... and that flower bouquet - was it real? So beautiful!! The olive groves and vineyards with tasting experiences can leave you dreaming. Is that what you were doing when the announcement came? So fun!

    1. Anneliese - the flower bouquet was silk but so nice. We must have been dreaming because it caught us so off guard - we are so thrilled to be having another grand baby in the Spring!

  5. I was reading along and enjoying your post and thinking how much fun it would be to take such a class and eat yummy things . . . and then I got to your sweet little "sister" photo and I forgot everything else. Here I sit grinning at your delightful news!! :)

  6. You really had a fabulous time in Italy! Somehow everything tasted better there. Just a good excuse to go back. And such happy news!!! The holidays will be even MORE fun next year. Congratulations!!!


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