Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer in Full Swing!

It's official!
Summer has arrived in SW Ontario.
It has been sweltering hot, the Spring flowers have bloomed
and are long gone.
The vegetable garden thrives and we've harvested our
first meal of lettuce.

So much has happened in the last few weeks/month.

Celebrated 45 years with this guy farmer!!!

I had fun sewing up a fishy little "geranium" dress for a certain sweet grandgirlie:

She's growing like a weed ...

And is the best big sister ever!

Spectacular sunsets and food with dear friends
at Inverhuron Provincial Park on our favourite lake Huron!

Even enjoyed a wonderful afternoon on the Inverhuron beach with 
these special people who came for a quick visit...

We baked a few cookies (with sprinkles of course).

And we finally put the finishing touches on our kitchen update!
The electrical is done and now we can just enjoy it.
Here are some before and after pictures ...

Old counter top but with new gas (propane) stove. No back splash.

New countertops and island installed.

Backsplash tile installed.

Finally - new lights and electrical installed - 7 months in the making!

My new favourite blogging spot!

Meanwhile, the spare bed is gathering clothing once again
for an upcoming Alaskan adventure.
What does one pack for every kind of weather possible???

Till next time ...... how is your summer shaping up so far? Have you done an Alaskan cruise and what advice do you have to pass along?


  1. The kitchen looks wonderful! I see that you and the grandgirlie are enjoying it well. What a sweet photo of big sis and little bro. I think that they like each other!

    Alaska? Cool! No, really, cool. I have never been so no advice other than to enjoy it. Bet there’ll be many opportunities for picture taking, which I look forward to seeing.

  2. I love the wedding photo! Reminds me of ours!! And your grandbabies are getting so big!! Such fun. P.S. Your kitchen looks fabulous with your updates.

  3. So I'm not sure what happened to the comment I left here...but let me try again! First of all...your kitchen updates look fabulous! What a difference new lights, countertops and island make. I have your same cabinets and now you have me thinking it is maybe time for an update. Oye. I don't really want to think about that. :)

    So when is your Alaska Cruise? Do you sail from Vancouver? We did an Alaska Disney cruise with our kids and grands for our 40th wedding anniversary and had a fabulous time. The White Pass rail out of Skagway was amazing! We had warm weather, no rain and never needed anything more than a hoodie on deck (late August), but you need to be prepared for anything. Have a wonderful trip!

    Sweet pic's of your grands!

  4. First of all, Congratulations on 45 years! I remember thinking, when we got our wedding photos, how can these ever look out of date? (referring to my partents looking out of date) Ha!Ha! Now we are the age with wedding photos that belong to a certain era! How does that happen?
    Time will tell for our kids ...
    I love the big smile your little guy gave you for the photo and your kitchen turned out so nice! Enjoy your trip! Will you be stopping in Vancouver?

  5. Happy belated anniversary, Rosella! The grandkiddies are just precious - love the smile on the little one! How special to be creating such wonderful memories with them. I totally get the challenge of packing for Alaska - I went there in July years ago and needed everything from shorts to winter jacket!

  6. A bit late here...oh I really love your new kitchen updates. Isn't it fun once it's all finished and you can sit and enjoy! I'd love to join you at your island with a coffee and long chat.
    We did an Alaskan cruise and it was really beautiful. We were told to come prepared for rain or shine. Enjoy...I always love seeing your vacation wear.

  7. I'm very behind on your latest posts but am enjoying getting caught up. Love the big sister photo. What sweetness. Glad she loves her little brother. The dress is very cute. I think I wished you a very happy anniversary on facebook or instagram or somewhere but a belated wish here, too, that God will bless and keep your marriage well. I'm going to check out your cruise posts now...


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