Thursday, October 1, 2015

September's Best - 2015

September has been a whirlwind month!
When I glanced over my photo stream and albums on my computer
I realized what a fabulous month it was ...

The "bestest" part was a very sweet baby and her Mommy came for a nice long visit
with some serious cuddle time and lots of visitors.
That darling baby has captured our hearts so completely!

September stayed warm and lovely and there were even some baths outdoors at her other
Gramma's house!

She even got to meet some of her Mommy's dear friends and her future play mates (one that was brand new) ...

These gals have been friends forever!!!
In the meantime, the farmer and I packed in a few other fun things this month.

A warm evening cruise encountering "Goats on the Roof" here in Ontario! Not exactly like the one on Coombs, BC!

We did a wee bit of camping and attended a Fibre Glass RV Rally in Niagara Falls.
All sorts of adorable little campers - I liked the Coca Cola one the best!

Friends invited us to bike some of the gorgeous trails near the Blue Mountain skiing area in Collingwood - it was a beautiful, humid free, fall day and perfect for hours and hours of biking!

Thanks to Ed and Louise for a fun day!

And of course, the annual Apple Butter and Cheese Festival in my home town!

The old homestead, our youth group selling apples with hot English Toffee for the 20th year, my friend's darling granddaughter enjoying a dill pickle on a stick! A fun homecoming day once again!

The trailer, the boat, the old Land Cruiser, etc.
were tucked away in the barn.

Hopefully the RV will reappear sometime this winter!!!

The tractor has a great view!

It is also time to start with some Fall decor ..... 

Now that September has gone - we hold on to the memories and enjoy almost daily pictures from Alberta where snow flakes have touched a baby's nose already!!!

Our little love.

Till next time ...... here's to October!!!!


  1. Oh! Your little love is so precious! What fun to receive the photos and have visits, too. You have filled up that barn nicely with some great toys!! Those little trailers really are something. It's nice that you are retired now to enjoy all these things!

  2. Such fun family times when a baby is part of the family! Sounds as if you enjoyed a beautiful September. Here's to a great October, too.

  3. That last picture just got me! She is just darling! I did cringe a little at the mention of snowflakes - hope we are a couple of months away from that here. Hope your October is a wonderful as your September!

  4. Oh my goodness...what a precious thing she is!!
    It sounds like a beautiful September! Love that the babies got to meet. (And the mommies too.) :)

  5. September looked like a perfect month with so much variety! Those grands are sure fun, aren't they? I just love those vintage campers!

  6. Your little granddaughter is adorable! So happy for you to have her visit!
    I like the little campers, especially the Coca Cola one too!

  7. Awwwe...your 'little love' is so precious! It looks like you had the 'funnest' September over there! Love your 'cruising' car! I hope you get a chance to use your RV sometime this winter. We had intentions of taking our motorhome out once more for a few days in September. That never happened. Maybe October? We'll see.

  8. Your sweet baby grandgirlie is just precious. What a sweet blessing. It's always lovely to see what has been happening in your life. Have a wonderful October.

  9. I want to try your Mom's Peach Pudding Cake. It looks wonderful. There isn't any butter in the recipe. Should there be? Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Margaret - mom's recipe actually doesn't have any butter (I think the sour cream probably takes it's place)? Hope it works for you!


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