Thursday, June 2, 2016

Beautiful British Columbia!

Osoyoos, BC is a beautiful area in the Okanogan Valley
and we were fortunate to attend an "Escape RV" rally there.
This was one of our main reasons for travelling across the continent
and it was well worth being there for this company's costumer appreciation weekend.

More than 140 Escapes were there!!!  There were 13 ft., 15 ft., 17 ft., 19 ft., 21 ft., and 5th wheel
sizes represented.

Our's is the one to the far left

There were wine tours, greet and meet meals, pancake breakfasts, pot luck dinners, and more which helped us connect with other "Escapees" and make many new friends.

After taking our trailer to the manufacturer in Chilliwack (a short trip from Osoyoos) for some small repairs and retrofitting, I was treated
to a garden coffee party by some very dear ladies who live in that area and whom I've learned to "know" from blogging over the past few years.
They are the sweetest people and I felt SO honoured to be able to meet with them.
If you have read my blog posts you know who they are!!!!

A selfie of us taken by Lovella.
Left to right - Judy, me, Ellen, Anneliese, Kathy, and Lovella
This was my first time meeting Judy and Ellen (Ellen drove from Seattle just for this little party - what a gift!).
Kathy arranged the whole thing and made delicious scones with devonshire cream, jam and a beautiful fresh fruit platter.
She set the table, complete with china and silverware and served hot coffee in pretty mugs!
Judy made a delicious fruit dip, and Lovella brought the gorgeous peonies.
It was such fun and I felt like I was home.
They showered me with unexpected gifts and their friendship.

My trailer table never looked so pretty!!

These women have been such an inspiration and blessing to me in more ways than they will ever know.
They are all part of the famous Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog and cookbooks!!!
One day I hope to meet them ALL.

After leaving them, the farmer and I picked up our good as new little trailer and started heading East!
Our overnight campground was breathtakingly beautiful - Skihist Provincial Park
near Lytton, BC

View from the back of our campsite - notice the train track alongside the mighty Fraser River!

From here we travelled through tunnels and mountain passes,
landing in Golden, BC for the first night in June.
June 1st has been a good day - my sister informed us that her 5th
grandchild was born this morning - Lela Sarah Ann.
We are surely blessed beyond what we deserve ........

Till next time ......... feeling the warmth of friendship and family.


  1. I love your home-on-wheels, Rosella. What a treat it is to be able to cross the country as you are doing. The Great Dane and I did it for the first time in 1974 and I remember the wonderful views of canyons and mountains. I wish I'd been able to get over to see you, but I will look forward to another opportunity! Safe travels home!

  2. Wow - A Cream Tea Escape! Such a fantastic adventure and special occasion. Thank you for sharing with us and say hi to the Farmer for us. Happy travels and hope to see you both this summer. HUGS.

  3. Rosella, what a wonderful way to retire! I have missed many of your travel posts (They haven't shown up on my blog) and can't believe what wonderful memories you are making. How fun to get to meet fellow bloggers and your granddaughter is beautiful. I have some catching up to do as I read more about your adventures. I'm a bit jealous!

  4. Such a special treat to meet you dear Rosella and to meet the farmer! So glad you had this reason to travel west and that we could sneak in a little visit with you. God is good to us all, isn't He? What fun to meet up with other owners of trailers for an appreciation weekend. Very good idea on the part of the manufacturer. Happy trails to you until we meet again!

  5. what a wonderfully memorable adventure :-D

  6. Rosella! What a pleasure to have had a bit of time with you. It was so great to meet your hubby! I feel like we have known each other for years. I hope our paths will cross in person many more times! Blessings on your two as you continue on your vacation!

  7. These girls really know how to make someone feel welcomed and special. Too bad you aren't stopping in Manitoba, then you would have met most of us at one time or another. Another time perhaps. :)

  8. I loved reading about your trip...and especially about your stop to meet up with the MGCC ladies! I know that your time of fellowship was sweet!! I think one of the biggest surprises to me about blogging was the fact that blogging friendships are real friendships, whether or not we ever have the chance to meet face-to-face. (Of course, meeting face-to-face is the icing on the cake!)

    Safe and happy travels to you as you continue the journey...

  9. So much fun to meet up with blogger friends! It looks like you all had a blast. Love these gorgeous photos from BC! One of my favorite places in the world!!!

  10. It's so fun to read of why you made the trip to this side of the country and I'm glad you get to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the valleys with orchards and wineries and the prairies preparing for harvest. It was so good to see you here! Wishing you continued safe travels.

  11. There is nothing quite as special as meeting blogger friends! Glad you had a wonderful visit! The scenery on your journey is spectacular!


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